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6 Best Fall Out Boy Song Titles to Listen on Mp3Juice

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We know, you are searching for the best Fall Out Boy song titles. Their rise from emo underdogs to one of the world’s biggest artists is unquestionably one of the greatest in modern rock history. 

Fall Out Boy, named after an obscure Simpsons supporting character (the sidekick of Radioactive Man) and celebrating two decades together in 2021, formed on the outskirts of Chicago’s hardcore punk scene 20 years ago and haven’t looked back since.

Fall Out Boy’s emotional pop-punk was initially a sugary counterpoint to the grit and gasoline of those players’ other outfits, with extrovert bassist Pete Wentz providing the perfect foil to uncommonly shy vocalist/guitarist Patrick Stump, while second six-stringer Joe Trohman and prolific drummer Andy Hurley (a 2003 conscript) kept energy up. 

However, after becoming engulfed in the mid-2000s emo craze and releasing two genre-defining albums in 2003’s Take This To Your Grave and 2005’s From Under The Cork Tree, superstardom came calling quickly.

Best Fall Out Boy Song Titles to Listen and Download

Their slick pop songs and celebrity status feel a million miles away from the hot cellars where the band started, yet there has always been the same outsider spirit and fun weirdness over seven albums – spanning a break from 2009 to 2013 – with which they first set out. This Top 20’s colorful cross-section is Technicolor proof of that.

Well… Let’s take a look at some of their best songs ever!

Best Fall Out Boy Song Titles

1. Immortal (2014)

Big Hero 6, an underrated modern Disney masterpiece, saw the Mouse House adapt the Marvel comic of the same name into an aesthetically and conceptually adventurous film about indomitability, self-belief, and one strangely cute battle robot. 

Fall Out Boy was an easy choice to soundtrack the pivotal sequence in which the film’s brilliant protagonists face machine-tooled brawn to match their powerful minds. 

Their song beautifully matched the bill, combining lighthearted R&B samples and flashes of autotune with a superpowered chorus (‘We could be immortals’).

2. Saturday (2003)

Isn’t Saturday the best day of the week? Here’s a song to remember the day. Patrick kept the third single from Take This To Your Grave a secret from his bandmates because he thought no one would appreciate it. After finally sitting down with Pete, the two expanded it out into an early trademark – and the first FOB song to feature Pete screaming.

3. The Phoenix (2013)

The first tune on Save Rock And Roll, named after the mythological bird that would resurrect itself from a death pyre every 500 years, feels like an anthem to FOB’s comeback – even bigger and hungrier than before – from a few years in the wilderness. 

‘Hey, young blood, don’t you feel like we’re running out of time?’ Patrick inquires about either their previous selves or the wave of imitators who followed in their footsteps.

4. I Don’t Care (2008)

Folie Deux’s lead single was also the album’s most instantly recognized track. I Don’t Care, however, is one of the band’s most delightfully caustic compositions, beyond the swinging riffs and massive pop-rock hooks. 

It spearheads the album’s analysis of pop culture superficiality while throwing in wry comparisons with the old asshole rock’n’roll caricature, which Pete describes as a “narcissist’s anthem” for the YouTube generation.

5. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (2013)

There was no considerable build-up when Fall Out Boy returned from hiatus. Instead, on February 4, 2013, the band announced the release of their intrepidly-titled fifth album Save Rock And Roll, as well as the release of this big hit.

6. Uma Thurman (2015)

The album’s third song, “American Beauty / American Psycho,” is an underrated thud that thrives on its own enthusiasm. 

The title is a nod to Pete’s film star crush (his other, Winona Ryder, was already mentioned in 2008’s She’s My Winona), while the guitar lick is lifted directly from the opening scenes of the ’60s sitcom The Munsters.

You can listen and download those best Fall Out Boy song titles on many streaming platforms, especially mp3juices. After that, don’t forget to tell us, your favorite songs from them!

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