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Boom Pirates Slot Review: RTP 96.19% (Foxium)

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In this Boom Pirates slot review, you will know how to beat this game to get big winnings. So lucky! This game, a Foxium slot for 2019, is plainly a pirate-themed game, but one with cartoon-style graphics that are entertaining. 

The game has a fun atmosphere, which makes it stand out even in a crowded sector like the pirate niche. When you consider the Wonderways system, as well as all of the other features available, there’s a lot to be thrilled about.

Best Boom Pirates Slot Review

Boom Pirates is an intriguing game featuring anything from 5 to 9 reels, each with 4 to 6 symbols and as few as 1024 chances to win or as many as 10,077,696 ways to win. 

The Wonderways system is intriguing on its own, but the game also includes free spins, the Foxify button, and the Boom Pirates extra, so there’s a lot to enjoy. Payouts will not be as great as the vast possible gaming area suggests, with the maximum payout set at 3,800x total stake, or $190,000.

1. Betting and Prizes

You can choose the wager for the next round using the bottom settings on the right side, with a range of $0.10 to $30 available to you. When you use the Foxify extra bet, you spend around 50% more, but you have a greater chance of winning free spins.

The bonus feature can also be triggered directly by paying 100 times the stake using the Buy Feature option.

Because of the large variety of methods to win, the game appears to be capable of great things, but the cap is set at a disappointing 3,800x, which may convert into $190,000 at best. What appears to be one of the most volatile slots on the market turns out to be an ordinary game with some entertaining features.

This position is classified as Medium/High Volatility, with an estimated Return to Player of 96.19%.

2. Game Features

The game’s mechanics hold a lot of promise, as they may be expanded in a variety of ways. You can add more reels up to nine in total, as well as increase the number of rows from four to six. This means that a single spin of the reels could contain as many as 10,077,696 ways to win.

Many random features can assist you in obtaining that larger gaming area. One of these is Boom Pirates, which fires cannonballs at the reels, increasing the gaming area in the process. Only after a specific number of losing spins will Mary’s Swashbuckling Attack activate, awarding you a 5-symbol combination.

Three scatter symbols on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th columns will activate the slots free spins feature. You get 10 free games this way, and the additional lines stay active for the rest of the feature as you increase the game area.

3. Game Design and Theme

It has a pirate theme that everyone seems to enjoy, and it also has some amazing graphics. The action takes place near a tropical island, which is surrounded by a pirate ship. 

There are images of Captain Mary (a female pirate), a pirate, parrots, canons, gunpowder barrels, and a variety of Royals. We enjoyed the graphics in this game, but there are a couple others that are much better, all with the same pirate concept.

Final Conclusion

In the end of this slot gacor Boom Pirates slot review, it is an interesting game, with its Wonderways providing up to 10 million ways to win, but  we don’t like how low the win cap has been set for its wins in terms of potential. It’s surprising to see a top payout of 3,800x when considering what the potential could’ve been.

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