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Casino Jack (2010), When Gambling Mix With Politics

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Jack Abramoff (Kevin Spacey) is ostensibly a lobbyist in the movie Casino Jack, a lobbyist in American politics. The film opens beautifully when Jack cursing at himself in the mirror while brushing his teeth.

About the disappointment of this trip and the dirty world of politics, until finally he started as a person who commits fraud, corruption and conspiracy.

In jail, he met two inmates. Getting to know Snake, and why is he alone. The story then take a flash back to the previous two years.

Back Story of Casino Jack

Based on real events, the name Jack Abramoff had made an American commotion. In 2006 he was sentenced to six years in prison. However in 2010 he was released.

His life reaps the pros and cons, whether he is an expert or just a political victim. His activities as a lobbyist generated a special connection to the congress council and the White House.

One of Jack’s assignments was to lobby the congressional council for permits to start casinos. At first everything went smoothly and safely until a disaster struck.

Plot Development in Casino Jack

The disaster started when someone named Gus, a cruise ship businessman from Europe, went bankrupt. Jack contacted the board about selling it.

On the way they slipped by the act of their own colleague, Adam Kidan, who got Gus killed by the mafia. Gus’s murder invited the media ‘Washington Post’ to pry him and finally really love Jack to court.

Casino Jack Real Life Scenarios

casino jack

Watching Casino Jack made me already state the conditions in our country, which in 2013 was full of intrigue and oversight by government officials for corruption. Yes, it could be that they are abusing their position for personal gain. Jack’s courage in a trial is similar to many politicans around the world.

A profession that is both lucrative and vulnerable. Jack reached the peak of his heyday as a super lobbyist to get into various newspapers. Together with Michael Scanlon, they traveled through the rigorous world of political brokerage. Filled with entertainment clubs, casinos and gambling.

Lobbyist, isn’t against the law is it?

Ending of Casino Jack

After getting enough training from Ailcky; Ben and four other students (Jil, Choi, Kiama and Jimmy), every weekend they start to frequent Las Vegas and practice their Card Counting activities on the blackjack table.

Casino Jack (2010)

This film is not as complicated as I thought, political films that are usually full of specific terms don’t appear. Some scenes are funny and sadistic. While other scenes may be boring but with patience, the climax comes with Jack’s outburst on the court.

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During the trial, Jack finally realized that he wanted to expose the depravity of the bureaucrats and named several officials who accepted bribes. In the end, this corruption investigation got even longer until the White House. The film closes with a smile, Jack who is serving as community service and questions all this, ‘what’s wrong?’


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