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Know and Realize That Gambling is a Despicable Act

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We all realize that gambling is a despicable act both in terms of religion and state. Gambling itself is a game that involves betting in it, gambling is also included in the category of fighting fate and ultimately bringing destruction. That is why the government and religion forbid it and consider it despicable.

In religion Gambling is a despicable act as evidenced by the existence of verses that regulate people not to approach gambling. All of them aim to prohibit people from engaging in gambling which brings suffering and various crimes.


Know and Realize That Gambling is a Despicable Act

Indonesia is a country that has people with a very high level of fondness for gambling, this is evident from the many gambling sites circulating among the public.

Indonesia itself has taken action to prevent the large number of gambling circulating, as evidenced by several government efforts to arrest those who were indeed involved in the gambling.

In addition, the government also issued a law regarding the prohibition of gambling for a person. The law consists of the most severe penalties for those who gamble. Even the police, who are law enforcers, are also ready to take action against anyone who approaches gambling.

Religious leaders in Indonesia also agreed simultaneously to prohibit people from approaching gambling circulating in Indonesia. The government and religious leaders prohibit gambling from circulating in Indonesia

Gambling has a lot of negative effects and without having a positive effect, the negative effects that gambling gives include gambling making poor, gambling destroying, gambling making depression and many other negative effects.

There are 2 types of gambling currently circulating in Indonesia, namely online gambling and offline gambling. Online gambling is the most widely circulated gambling today, this gambling is a favorite among the public because online gambling can be played without the need to meet face to face.

In addition, online gambling can be used in a very easy way, namely players only need to have an internet network, and a smartphone. Many online gambling sites available today include online domino gambling, online poker gambling, an online soccer gambling and situs slot gacor.


Gambling is a despicable act that is very clear, but unfortunately a lot of people are still not aware of it. People do not care about legal threats given by the government and also the threat of negative effects that will be given by gambling.

There are still many people who depend on gambling for their lives. Many people make gambling as a livelihood. And they still think that they can get rich just by gambling.

Of course this is a wrong view, because no one in any country in the world becomes rich just by gambling, and it is not wealth that is obtained but will get the negative effects that gambling brings.

Many great successful people have their lives destroyed just because of gambling, they don’t seem aware that their money will run out if they are used for gambling for a long time. And many of them also have large debts without being able to repay them.

Stay away from gambling right now because gambling is a despicable act and also has many negative effects, stay away from gambling if you really want a better and more decent life, by saving your money for the future. And for those who are currently successful, don’t ever approach or play gambling.

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