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Medusa Fortune and Glory Review: RTP 96.62% (Yggdrasil)

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We know, you are searching for the Medusa Fortune and Glory review before playing it. This game is the result of a collaboration between Dreamtech and Yggdrasil Gaming, and we have to say that we like it. 

It may be a little too common to see a slot machine with an Ancient Greek/Medusa-inspired design, but when it comes to features and sheer payout potential, few in that category can even come close to what this game can offer.

A Brief of Medusa Fortune and Glory Review

You’re looking at a slot machine with 6×4 reels and 4096 ways to win, which means you’ll have just as many chances to win in a single spin. 

You can win up to 74,400x your stake here, which is incredible for any slot, and all the while you can expect medium-high volatility that doesn’t go to extremes. With an RTP of 96.62%, we have a game that has a lot to offer and never gets boring.

1. Wagering Options

In Medusa Fortune and Glory review, starting out with this game is simple and inexpensive, as the minimum investment is $0.10, and you get all 4096 ways to win in return. Of course, as you increase your bet, you have a better chance of winning more money, and you can bet as much as $30 per round.

My favorite aspect of this game is the top jackpot potential. The game is officially capable of paying up to 74,400x the stake, and the developer has given no indication that there are any restrictions. It’s one of the best options in terms of potential, and while the payout may not come quickly, it’s still something to look forward to.

Aside from the massive top payouts that only a select few players may receive over the course of the slot’s lifetime, there are two other positive aspects to consider. 

One is the RTP, which is 96.62%, which is higher than most Yggdrasi online casinos currently offer. The other is the hit frequency, which is 37.04%, meaning that on average, more than a third of the spins are expected to be winners.

2. Game Features

In more ways than one, the Medusa symbol is a shining star. You’ll be able to use it as part of any new wins that occur, as long as the reel it’s on is part of the combo.

Spreading Wilds is another feature that you can get with a little help from the wild symbol. It’s not guaranteed to activate, and it may appear at any time, but if it does, you’ll get Snake Wilds on the middle four reels, up to three of them.

Scatter symbols are bonus symbols that you’ll want to see as many times as possible, with at least three being useful when they appear. This unlocks a bonus feature in which you can choose which version of the free spins you want.

Fortune Free Spins: To find out how many free spins are triggered, you must choose one of six chests, with options ranging from 8 to 40. 

The second pick gives you a multiplier, which is revealed by selecting one of six chests to reveal a boost to wins of 2x to 20x. You can retrigger this feature and get 10 more rounds if more bonus symbols appear.

Glory Free Spins: Once again, you can choose from 5 to 20 free spins, as well as up to three additional symbols that can be turned into extra wilds. You can retrigger this feature for an additional 10 free spins.

3. Design and Theme

The visuals are excellent, as is the theme that they have chosen. Medusa is a legendary creature from Greek mythology, and this theme has been used in a number of other popular slots. 

Other mythological creatures appear in the other high value symbols, including Medusa in the main role, that of the wild, a Bonus logo with a temple-like structure, and other mythological creatures in the other high value symbols. 

The Minotaur, as well as Hydra, warthogs with wings, and the Pegasus, are all present. Finally, there are the Royals.

Our Conclusion

This is a good game, and we came to this conclusion based on a number of factors. Beyond the features, which are entertaining in and of themselves, the slot has an excellent math model that provides players with not only a high hit frequency (37%), but also an above-average RTP and some of the largest top jackpots available anywhere (74,400x the stake).

Overall Medusa Fortune and Glory review, there aren’t many games out there right now that will do a better job, and if you enjoy higher-volatility games and are willing to take risks, we highly recommend keluaran togel site for your trusted gaming online casino.

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