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Skiptrace (2016), One of The Best Jackie Chan Movie

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Skiptrace (2016) is a comedy action film starring Jackie Chan. In this movie, Jackie Chan plays a detective. He teamed up with a gambler to fight the notorious Chinese mafia. Skiptrace was released in 2016 and successfully reached the box office. Our movie review team find that the film is quite entertaining.

The classic premise of revenge in the name of friendship. Again, that’s what veteran actor Jackie Chan is serving. His age that is getting older, which is definitely not possible to put him in the action spiced romance.

We can’t manipulate age. That goes the same for friendship, dedication to the profession with a background in legal cases is a middle way to maintain the existence of the actor.

What Jackie presents in Skiptrace is nothing new. Scuffles with bare hands until “filled hands” wrapped in the humor of 90s action films are still the main play. We can see clearly, what elements of movement and what tools at the scene of the crime will be used as a medium for “magic” and a laughter by Jackie.

At this point there are no more surprises except a trip to the plains of North Asia including the pleasant Mongolia.

His meeting with Connor, followed by a walk scene (then transformed into a chase) with Victor’s men, made him nervous. We call it a walk because in the middle of the action, Jackie still had time to introduce the traditions of the local community.

Skiptrace (2016) Plot

Skiptrace (2016)

Skiptrace tells the story of a detective named Binnie Chan (Jackie Chan). He has a mission to reveal the identity and catch a drug kingpin who has the nickname “Matador”. Several years earlier, Binnie’s close friend Yung (Eric) was taken hostage by Matador while on a ship.

Eric is held hostage and forced to wear a vest fitted with a bomb. So that the bombs do not explode on the ship and injure others, Eric jumps into the sea and detonates the bomb in the water.

Since then, Binnie has been determined to catch Matador, so he can be punished according to his crimes. However, catching Matador is not an easy thing. Because, Binnie does not know his real identity.

Binnie suspects that the Matador is Victor Wong (Winston Zhao), a wealthy businessman. However, when Victor Wong is captured, Binnie is unable to prove his involvement in the ship bomb incident.

Review Skiptrace (2016)

Under the auspices of Saban Film production house, this film by director Renny Harlin received a rating of 5.7 out of 10 by the IMDB site. It has a duration of 107 minutes and written by Ben David Grabinski and Jay Longino. The movie premiered on September 2, 2016 in the United States.

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As an entertaining action comedy movie, Skiptrace has managed to earn revenues of up to 136 million US dollars worldwide.


Skiptrace (2016) Ending

Binnie is frustrated that her efforts are in vain. Finally asked to leave first from the investigation. However, instead of taking time off, he uses his time off to re-track Matador. Until one day, he met Connor Watts (Johnny), a gambler from the United States.

He asks Connor for help in finding the identity of Matador. However, it turned out that Matador was also hunting Connor because he was a witness to the murder that Matador had previously committed.

Binnie finally helps protect Connor from being chased by Matador. They also work together.

Can Binnie and Connor reveal Matador’s identity and arrest him?

Skiptrace (2016) Review

As a result, almost two hours of in-depth non-acting play. Jackie remains true to his nature as a martial arts protagonist with a grim background and a love story to be proud of.

Meanwhile, other supporting characters become accompaniment with perfunctory functions and representations. It’s easy to forget them. Skiptrace is sheer entertainment. If that is the goal, then this film is a success.

Anyway, if you’ve watched a lot of action and espionage movies, then Skiptrace isn’t going to be a surprise of any kind.

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