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List of 5 Best and Phenomenal PS4 Games

Best and phenomenal PS4 games, or Playstation is the best selling video game console in the world. Generally, PS4 players are from the millennial generation to adults. The interesting thing about PS4 games is the graphic display, controller, and details. Furthermore, take a look at the best and phenomenal PS4 games today.

It is a secret that many people are maniacs about the PS4 console. Moreover, many new and challenging games were released. It is not surprising that every game series that comes out is always looked forward to.

5 Best and Phenomenal PS4 Games

If you are still confused about what game to play on the PS4. Let’s take a look at the 5 best and phenomenal PS4 games that you must try. Check this out!

1. Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne

It was reported that Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne has surpassed the success of the original version, namely Monster Hunter. After only one month of release, the World – Iceborne version has sold up to 12 million units worldwide.

This version one is no less interesting because it presents a new ice setting, storyline, gameplay options, the newest mysterious monsters, and others. If you explore a new story in this game, it turns out that you get it from the original version.

Players will hunt monter directly on a mysterious island. World-Iceborn also continues the story along with the development of the hottest gameplay features that widen the battle repertoire.

2. Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat is known as the most legendary PlayStation console game. For the first time released in 1992 and exists until now with a new version.

The hallmark of this game is the extreme violence it displays. For example, the action of tearing off the head to bleed.

As time goes by, NetherRealm game developers continue to innovate gameplay. As a result, Mortal Kombat 11 has successfully met players’ expectations.

Supposed to be the best fight with full features. Besides that, players are also free to choose multi-player or single player mode.

Mortal Kombat 11 is equipped with a “dial a combo” alias button combination in order to build a natural combat combo. This version covers everything from basic techniques to the most advanced techniques.

3. Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

The original video game remaster that was popular throughout 1999. Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled is back with innovation by offering a variety of customization options, adventure mode, online mode, and more.

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled seems to be a sharp criticism of developers who forget that the game is not focused solely on realistic graphics. However, the player character is created to be stronger and more fun.

4. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is said to be the best PS4 version of the game. In fact, it has become the pride of game developer Rockstar North. In GTA V there are 3 additional main characters. In addition, the GTA narrative is shown to be more critical and emotionally touching.

What is unforgettable and iconic is a very interesting criminal experience. Coupled with the location display using additional features. Like changing the player character’s camera angle.

5. Red Dead Redemption II

Rockstar’s best PS4 games always present quality open-world games. It can be said that Red Dead Redemption 2 has succeeded in paying fans’ expectations.

Where Red Dead Redemption 2 shows a story that happened a dozen years ago. To be exact, the old version when John Marston started to age in the first version.

Now in Read Dead Redemption 2, players will take on the role of Arthur Morgan. He lives together in an alley under Dutch.

The strengths of this game lie in the graphics, music, stories, and even more solid character development. For a genuine gaming experience and a profit, you can enter the game judi online.

That is the review of the list of the 5 best and phenomenal PS4 games that I can convey, hopefully it will be a source of inspiration for you who love gambling games. / Aha

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Texas Holdem Poker Strategy – Jack, King Suited Pocket Hand

Texas Holdem Poker Strategy – You receive a pair of jacks and decide to your staring whether to play your hand or not.  Its a complicated decision, but if you study this pair of jacks you will be able to decide whether to play.  This article is going to explain why.

Let’s say you are standing in a Texas Holdem game withWSJoker.  He has call bet and you call.  The flop is dealt and you have twos.  I’ll terminology the hand as a “wheel.”

You will flop a set about midway, say WSJoker as the first to act.  There is a lot of action a lot of people in the hand.  You want to fit a square peg into a round hole, so to speak.

Say you are first to act and you have 77.  You are most certainly not in the blinds and have not lost a hand.  You are sitting in late position, which is the best seat.  You pick up a raise and two callers.  The flop comes down, 2s 9s 4h.  There is a lot of straight activity going on.You probably have an overpair of eights.  Maybe even trips.

Still, there are ways to play this hand.  Include some type of trap scenario, such as straight or flush draws, three of a kind, or a high pair.  The idea is to inflate the pot size and try to getback to even on your draw.

Jack 10 is a great hand to receive a raise after the flop from above.  That raise will help you make someplacearnet before the turn.  Most often, you will use this hand to win the pot when you are up againstaccus the flop.  That is how you should play it, if you are up against aggressive betters.  They are not always going tohave a low end of the stick, as most people will have a fit whenever they are on the hook for chips.

Texas Holdem Poker Strategy - Jack, King Suited Pocket Hand

On the other hand, if you are in early position and no one has raised you may use this hand to limp in, with the hopes that you will be able to take the blinds.  Most often you will be called and you could use your jack10 hand to win the pot.

The beauty about this hand is that it is strong.  It isinstant no limit holdem success.  Unlike other hands like pocket tens or JJ, you will havejack and an ace on the flop.  This will continue to be the case as long as you don’t end up hitting a set.

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The most commonly seen situation for jack10 is when you have a huge chip stack.  If someone reraises you all in,you can properly navigate your way out of the hand.  The objective is to keep from bleeding out all your chips from anall-in situation.

Through a careful match-up assessment, you will likely be able to tell if someone has a realhand and potentially win the pot with a minimal amount of play.  This may seem rudimentary, but the more you observe the better you will do in this type of situation.

referrals from other poker players and pokerindustry journals have provided the formulas for identifying certain hand possibilities.  Georgetown University professorKen Warren, winner of the 2003 Poker-Bowl awarded him the highest honor for devised this formula.

In a similar situation is where you have a premium hand such as pocket sevens and the flop comes down J-Q-7.  You are most certainly most certainly not looking to go all-in here, although facing a large bet may not be a bad idea if you feel that you have the best hand.  You are more than likely to be called, so you just want to get as many chips in the middle as possible.

You may lose your blinds by making a small bet here, but if you have a hand like seven-endez, you have just as much of a chance of scooping the pot if anyone else has seven-bucks as you do.

The best way to use jacks as a steal hand is when you are in late position and everyone limps before you.  Since you are late, you are in the best position to decide if you are going to bet or not.  Even if you don’t exactly have the best hand, you can make someone fold if you are in late position.

Just be careful that if you are in late position, any other players limp before you, not if you limp in as well.  It is sometimes mathematically impossible to call a large bet in advance so you should not go all-in, unless you feel like you have the nuts (best hand available).


Roulette Prediction Formula

Do you know how to guess roulette prediction formula? – Gambling lovers must be familiar with the game of roulette. A game of chance that can be played very easily by anyone with a small stake. However, the results obtained were quite large in a short period of time. So don’t be surprised if roulette gambling is in great demand.

There are two types of versions in roulette gambling, namely the American version and the European version. The difference lies in the numbers on the surface of the wheel. The American version has 38 digits which are 0-36, but 0 is 2. While the European version has 37 numbers which are 0-36.

The roulette number is the number of numbers on the roulette table. The American and European versions of roulette have 36 numbers. The only difference is the number 0 on each gambling table. You still have to choose from the 36 numbers that will emerge as winners.

Indeed, guessing the numbers and colors that come out in roulette gambling is not easy because there are 36 numbers and there are 0. So, you need to learn the formulas and roulette prediction formula numbers that roulette players usually use. This way, you can easily win the game of roulette and make a lot of profit.

Roulette Prediction Formula

Roulette Prediction Formula

1. History of the game of roulette

Playing roulette is very important in seeing the history of the roulette game itself. Of the 36 numbers, not all have the chance to drop, even if only once. However, there are certain numbers that can be output up to four times as much. To find out the roulette numbers, pay attention to the four spins and then bet.

2. Choose a color and select even odd at once

You don’t want to lose a lot playing roulette, of course. So, the next roulette prediction formula is to choose one color and one odd color in a game round. This can reduce the risk of big losses and increase the risk of winning even if the winnings are quite small.

3. Multiply the same bet

When you have decided to place a bet on numbers and colors. But if you still haven’t made a profit, multiply the same bet. Keep doing this until you get a win. The chances of winning in this way are quite large and have been proven by many roulette players.

4. Playing with a betting pattern

Determine roulette numbers by creating betting patterns that will bring you closer to winning. The clearer the pattern you use in roulette gambling, the greater the chance of winning. Even if you bet on roulette, you are using very little capital.

Roulette Number Guess Formula

1. Roulette Martiangle Mathematical Formulas

The Martiangle formula is a roulette prediction formula for guessing the roulette numbers most often used by roulette players. Every player needs a formula for guessing numbers to make winning easier. This formula is very popular among roulette gambling professionals and is very easy to use.

The Martiangle formula teaches you to keep multiplying the bet if you lose, but if you win it must return to the original nominal value. Repeat this process until you feel the maximum win. This formula can be applied to black or red bets, even or odd (19-36) big bets or small (1-18) bets.

2. Fibonacci roulette math formulas

The Fibonacci roulette math formula is the second formula that you can apply when playing roulette. This formula has the lowest probability of risk compared to other formulas, but the potential benefits are quite large. So there is nothing wrong with applying this formula when playing the best slot online roulette.

Applying this formula as a roulette prediction formula numbers is to add the two previous numbers to get the next number. For example, with a red bet, you lose four times in a row with face values ​​of 100,000, 200,000, 300,000, 400,000. On the next bet you win, the stake will be returned in full.

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If you see it only using formulas and roulette prediction formula numbers to find out the roulette numbers, it looks quite complicated. You will be easier to understand if you learn the theories and put them into practice right away. So it is better to study the theory when you open the game of roulette by chance and play it.

Review of Jackpotjoy Slots Game, the Latest Online Casino Slot Game from Bagelcode

Online casino slot games are one type of android game that offers very simple gameplay and rules. When playing it, players only need to play the slot machine in the game. The player will be declared the winner if he succeeds in getting a row of images in the slot that appears on the screen.

Even though it has simple gameplay, who would have thought that online casino slot games were in fact one of the most popular games on the Playstore. There are millions of Android users who in fact enjoy this casino games category.

The popularity of this type of online slot game has made more and more game developers develop this slot-themed android game. One of them is a Game Developer named Bagelcode. Not long ago, this android game developer released a slot game he made called Jackpotjoy Slots.

This game made by a game company headquartered in Gangnam, South Korea, has managed to steal the attention of slot game fans on Android by getting more than 1 million downloads in a short time. But what’s really interesting about this slot game?

Online Casino Slot Game Review- Jackpotjoy Slots

online casino slot game

So, on this occasion, we will discuss a little about this online casino slot game for you. Curious? Immediately, here’s the full review for you.

The advantages offered by the Jackpotjoy Slots game

In the first point of our review, we will discuss a little about the advantages offered by the Jackpotjoy Slots game. This Online Casino Slot game has the most prominent advantages in its game graphics.

When playing this game, players will immediately be presented with super sharp HD quality game graphics. In addition, this slot game also offers more than 100 slot machines with various unique themes in them, starting from Wild Prairie, Spartan, Alice in Wonderland and many more.

This slot game also has a simple and user friendly game interface. This is one of the important points that makes it easy for new players to play this slot game, even without a tutorial or manual book.

Attractive Game Features in the Jackpotjoy Slots Game

Continue about the game features of this Jackpotjoy Slots, an online casino slot game. This game also has many game features that make it one of the recommended android slot game games. The game features presented in this game are as follows:

Bonus Wheel – A fortune wheel game where players can get lots of prizes and bonus coins.

Free Slot Machine – More than 100 free slot machines with various unique themes.

Classic slot Machine – Classic slot machine typical of Las Vegas gambling city such as slot 777.

Welcome bonuses – 50,000 free casino coins for new players.

Daily Bonuses – Daily bonus that can be claimed every day.

Specifications of Playing Jackpotjoy Slots Game

For the related minimum specifications of an Android Smartphone to be able to play this Jackpotjoy Slots game. On its product page, Bagelcode as the developer of this game does not clearly explain this.

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However, given the high graphics of the game, this game is most likely to be played on smartphones with a minimum Android OS version 4.4. In addition, the Smartphone must also have a large memory of at least 60.1 MB, according to the file size of this Jackpotjoy Slots game.

That’s a little review from us regarding the online casino game slot online made by Bagelcode, Jackpotjoy Slots. Are you interested in trying this slot game made by a Korean game company?

Online Slots Generate A Lot Of Money

There is a reason that online slots generate a lot of money have become so popular – and that’s because they are so dynamic, so evolving, soillo-versive, and so intriguing – and it’s because they generate a lot of money for their creators and operators. However, it is worth stressing that not all slots are created equally. There are traditional slots, video slots, progressive slots, bonus slots, and more, with dozens of gaming-generated devices tailored to suit the needs of each operator. The reason traditional slots are so dominant, and the one that most people think of when they hear the term slot machine is mechanical. It’s just that simple.

Online Slots Generate: Maximum Payout to Optimal Condition

Because it’s a machine, the optimal condition for it to receive the maximum payout is determined by the quota of coins placed in the machine’s hopper. When the coins are in the hopper, the slots spin, so that the one armed bandit would spin – leaving the impression that it is really a solid object, rather than a simple coin, that could be turned into a substitute for the jackpot if all the coins are added up.

So, with the kidnapping scenario for the old “paying theslot” scenario gone, the focus now is on online slots. The online slots operate in a memory-protected environment. They don’t “know” the symbols that form part of the symbols on the reels, so they’re not perturbed by the idea of losing coins. The spin of a single button isEGA500,000. According to one of the online gambling providers like paito warna sgp, the payouts as you would expect, are smaller than on the traditional slots, resulting in much quicker time-to-pose for the player.

Slot Online Progresif

paito warna sgp

At the other end of the spectrum, consider the progressive online slots. Progressive online slots are a type of online slots that has severaljackpotenpirestoldby. When the player makes a wager on the progressive video slots, an additional jackpot is added to the original jackpot, and it frequently grows by, not just the necessences of the current jackpot.

To theinea-players who adamantlyefined slots as machines with a lever and a spinning disk, the addition of the progressive jackpot is a big one. Progressive slot gamesare favored by players who aren’t interested in large-scale, long-term rewards, in the comfort of their home-slots. Players who areMore interested in relatively small, frequent wins – in other words, the leisureplayers – in return for which they don’t require the high payout percentages of the progressive online slots.

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Online Slots Generate: Think Different Machines

At land-based casinos, the majority of slot machines (online and land-based) are not Think Different machines. When you walk up to one of these slot machines, it’s just another “one-armed bandit” – a slot machine with a flat, non-digital payout schedule that is intended to be operated by the slot freaks themselves. The drawback of these devices is that the casino can’t offer a bonus that suits your playing habits. Think Different is well known in the casino world as “loose coin.” This Apply to both the older and newer forms of digital slot machines.

Take note of theeleven in the progressive online slots strategy. Whenever the payout percentage is higher than the machine’s stop point, you should always press the spin button to get the biggest payout percentage. The ivory-standard for a progressive online slots machine is a payout percentage of at least 95%.

An often-undersupplied concept to the progressive online slots player is that their prizes are not necessarily worth the time. Online slot machinesAre programmed to pay an even amount of money, such as the top jackpot of 1,000 coins. Theually they become the equivalent of a traditional slot machine, which might be worth $100,000. This is just a little more than half the $100,000 figure.

URE awful lot of money when you’re playing online slots. But if you walk up to a modern, digital slot machine, you are likely to see that the top jackpot is usually around $10,000.00. Sometimes, when the jackpot is high, parents will try to credit their credit cards in order to get the full amount. But almost consistently, online slot machines will give far more generous top prizes than either video slots or reel slots.

In the early days of slot machines, many were manufactured by a company known as Sittman andHi Lo. This company went out of business in 1953, and all of their slot machines were immediately outlawed.

A number of other manufacturers also tried and failed to establish themselves, including International Game Technology, which was started in 1956; Williams Gaming, which was started in 1958; Bally, which was started in 1961; and Casino Tech., which was founded in 1964. All of these casinos filed bankruptcy, and/or went out of business.

Guns Girls and Gambling (2012), A Tale of Stolen Artifact

Guns Girls and Gambling (2012) was launched back on January 8, 2012. This film tells the storyline of a 6-foot-tall blonde assassin, corrupt sheriff, frat boy, a mini-elvis and a prostitute. They are in for a quest to find a priceless American Indian artifact stolen during a poker game. At an indian casino obviously.

It is a genre of movie that you wouldn’t generally put together in a comedy genre. The movie feature pretty assassins that are blonde, Elvis impersonators, Native Americans, a little bit of high-risk poker, jokes, and a lot of action in pursuing the stolen artifact.

Everything in this particular case, blends together nicely. We will cover as much info about it in this article here if you read a detailed review of this film.

This film can not possibly compete with all the likes of the Ocean’s franchise, however, if you want to relax and revel in some light entertainment, this film could be the right choice. It won’t make you think about life, risks, or thrills of gambling.

Guns, Girls and Gambling will provide enough laughs and entertainment in order to make your evening enjoyable.

Guns Girls and Gambling (2012) Cast

The very notion of Gary Oldman as an Elvis impersonator feels like it alone should always be worth the cost of admission for “Guns, Girls and Gambling.” Alas, his turn isn’t as wildly committed as one might hope, therefore the movie overall is similarly a promising letdown.

A strangely crime that is anachronistic double-crosses picture — is there something more current to rip off of Tarantino movie? — the film is needlessly flat, never much attaining the kick and surprise it aspires to.

A guy who introduces himself as John Smith (Christian Slater) finds himself somewhat stranded at an casino that is indian where he passes enough time by entering an Elvis impersonation contest.

This sets him on a program that intersects with the robbery of an uncommon native artifact that is american a long-simmering feud between the casino owners and an area power broker (Powers Boothe), along with a mysterious female killer (Helena Mattsson).

Guns Girls and Gambling (2012) Movie Setting

Besides the underworld setting and timeline that is needlessly tricky drawing out the Tarantino connection would be the fact that Slater and Oldman were costars.

When you look at the Tarantino-scripted “True Romance,” with Slater wearing Elvis-style sunglasses. As he did for the reason that earlier film just to make the point extra clear. There’s also even a signature Tarantino from-inside-a-car-trunk shot.

Attempting to pull together some kind of modern-day cowboys-and-Indians theme covered with a crime-genre that is knowing is harder than it might seem, and writer-director Michael Winnick isn’t quite up to the task.

A film first off about other movies, a derivative of derivatives, “Guns, Girls and Gambling” is similar to a hand that is losing cards: it may have been a winner, but just is not.

A Native American artifact was stolen from an Apache casino and now a quirky couple of Elvis impersonators, crooked cops, blonde haired women, guns for hire and much more are on a quest to search for it.

The heist story is good, however it became a negative one if the story is goofy enough.  This falls into the latter. 

There are actually a number of decent actors in this film plus it was cool to see them working together.  Christian Slater totally fits the role given that main character, John Smith, who gets wrapped up in all the silliness this is certainly a film about Elvis impersonators seeking out a Native American mask.

The Twist and Turn in This Gambling Heist Movies

Like in all gambling heist movies, you can find twists and turns they do keep you entertained that I won’t get into here, but.  Every so often it seems like things start searching for for John Smith, after which something happens(usually a hit to the real face). 

Slater’s portrayal while the character that is main extremely fun and kept the film going.  His part made me think about his roles from the late 80s/early 90s where his career was at it’s peak.

The person who shares a complete lot of the time with Slater is “the lady Next Door,” played by Megan Park.  There was excellent chemistry between the two of them on screen making her a surprise of this film. She actually is an assassin that is absolutely gorgeous.

However, the problem is she does not sound confident doing it. She was going for sensual but there’s a something or crack else off in her delivery also it just comes off poorly.

The Elvis impersonators are great with Chris Kattan as “Gay Elvis,” Anthony Brandon Wong as “Asian Elvis,” Tony Cox as “Midget Elvis”- I mean “Little Person Elvis,” and Gary Oldman as “Elvis Elvis.”

Powers Booth is “The Rancher” and it has a really Boss Hog look opting for him.  Dane Cook and Sam Trammell will be the Sheriffs.  The movie even has Jeff Fahey and Matthew Willig as hit-men with cool nicknames.

Guns Girls and Gambling (2012) Review

There are many elements of the movie that may cause you to giggle such as inappropriate jokes. But overall, this gambling film starring Gary Oldman, Christian Stater, and Megan Park is fun to watch.

East is East Review

Movie Soundtrack


You are going to enjoy watching this cult classic if you like a dose of comedy, action, and thriller combined together with a pinch of gambling in the mix. On a scale of 5, we are giving “Guns, Girls and Gambling” 4.1 stars.


Final Verdict

Overall, we believe that Michael Winnick as writer/director put together an okay film.  It was a lot of enjoyment with cheesy on the top action and goofy lines.  It absolutely was much better than we expected.

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Lucky You (2007), A Story About Poker and Love

Poker is a casino game that involves both skill and luck. It is an extremely alluring and entertaining game. And on recent years, many actors have tried their best. To translate the genuine excitement of the game, as a poker player in the big screen. Though it is quite a challenging effort. Lucky You (2007) is one of those attempts that almost succeed.

It is because, it’s very difficult to recreate and express the tension, thrill, nervousness, and adrenaline rush of the competitive environment. All these can only be found in the surrounding a real-life poker table. Not in a film.

Even so, we all like to view famous actors that are good-looking in dapper suits and chic gowns to take a seat at the poker table. But this movie failed to have successfully managed to capture the very essence for the game of skill.

This informative article reviews the 2007 film American drama film, Lucky You starring Drew Barrymore, Eric Bana, and Robert Duvall. It had been directed by Curtis Hanson plus the movie was somewhat inspired by the 1970 film ‘The Only Game in Town’ by George Stevens.

Offline Poker vs Online Poker

In this movie, we could also see some poker that is actual player like Sam Farha, Chau Giang, Barry Greenstein, Ted Forest, and Eric Lindgren among others.

Unfortunately, not all of us have the opportunity to visit Las Vegas to see the crazy gambling scenario.

Today, people can take part in online betting and poker at top-rated, safe, and reliable casino sites not blocked by the government. Playing from the very comfort of the homes and on occasion even on the run.

With further research, you will find probably the most popular gambling platforms. These sites featured various types of games like slots and table games. Along side exclusive bonuses and promotional are worthy of the trust and immensely popular.

Lucky You (2007) Synopsis

Huck Cheever (Eric Bana) is a gambler that is lifelong. He learned during the kitchen table playing against his dad for pennies and nickels. It is his profession along with his obsession. It fills his life, leaving room that is little friends or lovers.

He has got pawned each of his furniture and a lot of of his belongings to stay in the overall game. He wins more regularly than he loses and then he doesn’t know when you should quit.

There is one person Huck can’t beat as soon as the game means something: his father, L.C. (Robert Duvall). Both of these have a relationship that is contentious. L.C. could be the sort of walled-off man that has difficulty expressing affection, and Huck blames him for wrongs – imagined or real – from his childhood.

Huck is attempting to boost the $10,000 buy-in fee for the World number of Professional Poker, a meeting L.C. has won twice. On more than one occasion, Huck has got the money at hand, but he loses it when he goes past an acceptable limit or bets in excess.

The existence is denied by him of luck, and there are occasions as he has little from it. As he meets and falls for a pretty lounge singer, Billie Offer (Drew Barrymore), he endangers the fledgling relationship by stealing funds from her to stake him at a casino game.

He eventually ends up losing the money and Billie’s trust.

Between Cards and Love

Set within Las Vegas, the  city of gambling. The movie revolves around two relationships compared to lovers and father-son. Unlike gambling movies that are most,

Lucky You is quite wholesome so much so it resembles sports movies and ends with all the characters appearing at the World Poker Tournament.

The film introduces us to a Huck Cheever played by Bana, who has got a serious practice of gambling, and regardless of his superior skills, he still ultimately ends up broke.

Huck is be looking for $10,000 to secure a spot during the Tournament. He plans to gather the funds from gambling itself which unfortunately bears him no luck. Furthermore, his dad, LC Cheever (Duvall) is a winner that is two-time of World group of Poker and is a master of old school gambling.

Their relationship is quite estranged and like father, like son, the two as opposed to sorting out their issues resort to keeping at loggerheads.

Next comes Billie (Barrymore) from Hicksville to Vegas to conquer her dreams of becoming a lounge singer. The relationship amongst the characters of Huck and Billie are very unconvincing and fails to develop for the greater.

With diminishing pennies, Huck steals funds from Billie after sleeping with her which causes rifts involving the two. Although. The movie ends on a happy note with the two gettings back together.

Lucky You (2007) Review

It’s understandable that Lucky You (2007) exercises considerable impact on numerous facets of popular culture, gambling being one. The movie has gained quite some popularity both in the offline and online format with thousands of movie-goers fixating on poker.

East is East Review

Movie Soundtrack


Technically, the film fails its one major challenge: to provide life to so many scenes. The scenes on this movie are absolutely lifeless.


A Thought on Hollywood Style Gambling Movie

From the looks of it, Hollywood has many types of a relationship that is love-the the game since it is somewhat enthusiastic about this format of gambling.

Having said that, movies with this sort in many cases are interlinked with crime, beatings, alcoholics and other such concepts that are negative. Furthermore, the American movies also reflect unrealistic wins that are consistent.

However, Poker has proven itself having a solid spectator that is popular on screen. At the very least in the short run. But as scripted drama, where you can more or less guess the winner of a given hand, it is dull, very very dull.

However, the movie would differ due to its fondness for extreme scenarios where in actuality the main character either has immense quantity of luck or extraordinary poker skills which is nothing like in real life.

Warner Bros. is betting almost on the losing side on this movie release. Sending “Lucky You” on a suicide mission against Spiderman 3.

Drew Barrymore is the film’s only marquee name, but her role is decidedly secondary to that particular of Eric Bana, a decent actor who has yet to show himself a star. This film does not result in the  case for him.

Barrymore is Billie Offer, a singer that is would-be drifts into town and catches Huck’s eye. This woman is the sister of Suzanne (Debra Messing), who apparently is one of Huck’s many exes, though that is not entirely clear.

The script by Eric Roth and Hanson is unclear about most of the relationships and backstories in its apparent eagerness to get to those poker tables for that matter.

The smoothness never appears again, and the scene serves no purpose apart from to view Downey act. At the least he does not play cards.


The film failed to interpret the lives of their characters that are main their manner of play and abilities to bluff and deceive. This implies, needless to say, you need to accept poker playing as a metaphor for life.

The movie soon disappears into a maelstrom of card games. The outcome on most are predictable, but more damaging is how little emotional stake the audience has in every.

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The Hangover (2009), What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

The Hangover is a comedy film from the United States which was released in 2009. The film was directed by director Todd Phillips. Several well-known Hollywood actors have also starred in this comedy, such as Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis.

This comedy genre film premiered around the beginning of June 2009. It is a light comedy movie to watch. The Hangover is also one of the funniest comedy films.

The film received a positive response, with an IMDb rating of 7.8 and Rotten Tomatoes 79%.

The Hangover (2009) Synopsis

the hangover 2009

This film tells the story of the friendship between Alan, Stu, Phil and Doug who are joined together because of Doug’s marriage. Alan didn’t really know Phil and Stu at first, even though his character and behavior were strange, but Alan was a very smart person.

Starting from Doug’s wedding plans with Tracy who is the younger brother of one of Alan’s best friends. Doug goes to Vegas with his friends Alan, Stu, and Phil to celebrate his bachelor party.

A Series of Surprises

The morning after, following their bachelor party, a series of surprises began upon them. Starting with a chicken in their room, a tiger in the toilet and a baby in the cupboard!

The three of them couldn’t remember clearly what happened during the bachelor party. Doug, who was not with them, was also a big question mark about his whereabouts.

(L-r) Stu (ED HELMS) and Phil (BRADLEY COOPER) investigate a strange noise in the trunk of their car in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ comedy “The Hangover,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. PHOTOGRAPHS TO BE USED SOLELY FOR ADVERTISING, PROMOTIONAL, PUBLICITY OR REVIEWS OF THIS SPECIFIC MOTION PICTURE AND TO REMAIN THE PROPERTY OF THE STUDIO. NOT FOR SALE OR REDISTRIBUTION.

The first clue came from the hospital where Phil had a brief examination. Something he was unable to remember himself.

The surprises created a chaotic and funny situation and culminated in the presence of a mafia figure who was annoying, but also less convincing, Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong). About the mystery of Doug’s whereabouts. The clue can be found in the sentence “ending at the beginning”.

Until the final hours of the wedding reception, Doug and the others still didn’t see their objectives. That makes Tracy and the whole family began to worry about the situation.

Succesful Script and Storyline

This film also features a lot of funny surprises and can cause laughter in the audience. The Hangover has also been widely praised for its unique and clever script and storyline.

This film presents some punchline and cuteness, either through scripts and clever words or crazy scenes. The various surprises about what the Wolf Pack gang did when drunk often brought laughter.

Todd Phillips, based on a script he wrote with Jon Lucas, Scott Moore and Jeremy Garelick (uncredited), was presented surprise after surprise.

Besides that, one thing that also caught the attention of the audience was the appearance of a cameo from the legendary boxer, Mike Tyson. Even though the screenplay is not too much and only at the end, Mike Tyson’s presence is quite interesting.

Surprising Chemistry With The Casts

Apart from the script which is full of surprises and mysteries. This film is very elevated by the appearance of the cast, especially Zach Galifianakis. With a beard and a chubby body, he has succeeded in reflecting the figure of a man who never grows up and tends to do things at will.

Altough, Zach Galifianakis is very unfortunate as he received many injuries, from being knocked out by Tyson, attacked by a tiger, electrocuted, even being beaten by the mafia. This character often says “it’s classic!”

Even the documentation of the crazy events that they have done throughout the night is shown in the form of photos in the film credit.

This film is worth watching for all comedy movie lovers.

Review The Hangover (2009)

The Hangover was very successful and became one of the most successful comedy films. Its popularity made this film a sequel, namely The Hangover Part II in 2011 and The Hangover Part III in 2013. The three of them became part of the trilogy series The Hangover.

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This film displays the strong chemistry of the three main characters, namely Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis. All of them have contrasting characters that sometimes cause humor. The film eventually become one of the most successful film of the year


The Most Successful Film of The Year

The Hangover could be the most successful film of the year in terms of gross income. In the meantime the dollars earned by the drunken men are more than 10 times the cost of a production that is reportedly less than $40 million.

But, what is so interesting about the story presented in The Hangover that it is able to attract many pairs of eyes?

The key is none other than an unexpected storyline, full of mysteries whose answer is very closely guarded by the story writer, so as to make the audience survive until the film ends.

Even though it present some mysterious vibe, the film presents many funny moments related to situations faced by drunken men.

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The Color of Money (1986) Synopsis

I’ve gone through a large portion of my time on earth considering Tom Cruise. The color of money is an amazing movie. The main actor itself is a beautiful kid with his head shifted rather than the reverse way around, yet like every deception, when you understand it’s false, it’s difficult to recollect why. Did you at any point think like that In any case.

I mean definitely, Top Weapon, and every one of those things he makes a profession out of gratitude to films where he moves in his clothing, however all through his vocation, Voyage has demonstrated himself to be the tricky supervisor of his picture while additionally seeks after activities with virtuoso craftsmen

From all the set up experts to the youthful Turk is extremely popular, and he utilizes his impact to make films that absolutely wouldn’t acquire foothold on the off chance that they didn’t, however would we say we aren’t all happy they did? A couple of hits from Stanley Kubrick and Magnolia Paul Thomas Anderson in 1999 Eyes Wide Shut is verification enough that behind the magazine model looks, the distraught enthusiasm for Scientology and the refusal to watch or act distantly approach his age since he crossed.

What to Expect from The Color Of Money

The principal clear proof I can discover of this comes in only three years of his vocation, when Voyage co-featured in The Shade of Cash. It very well may be hard to value this as a slippery craftsmanship proceed onward the piece of the entertainer, since it’s not awesome and not extremely separated at it, and the plot shares a great deal practically speaking with the “hot bitches the guide is attempting to gain from” the 80’s film.

His colleague with the splendid and shallow rookie needing modesty echoes Journey, who consumed Newman’s cycle by seeing and associating with him on and off the set. There are in excess of a couple of Newmans in Journey’s Vincent Lauria, sure.

The Color of Money (1986)

LiConsider what 24-year-old Voyage more likely than not learned on that set! What’s more, it shows, on the edges; needed to sit tight a couple of more years for the main show where he beat more amazing entertainers (and I realize Dustin Hoffman got an Oscar and for Downpour Man, yet I genuinely don’t see that plot more engaging in a less garish job), however his appearance here is effectively the best he did in late 1986, and it’s enticing to peruse a film plot from a drained and forceful old expert.

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In any case, here’s a film coordinated by virtuoso Martin Scorsese and featuring celebrity symbol Paul Newman, the benefactor holy person of all attractive male entertainers who are likewise cool, punchy, complex entertainers.


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Guns Girls and Gambling (2012), A Tale of Stolen Artefact

This truly can be said, in a greater number of ways than one, of the 2012 film Guns Girls and Gambling featuring Christian Slater. There are minutes when each entertainer wagers on the achievement of a film that he is approached to star in.

The story has a progression of exciting bends in the road, some normal, some less, however eventually, watchers concur that they weren’t actually anticipating the closure. In any case, it is a lot quicker, isn’t that so? How about we investigate how this film was enlivened by American gambling clubs, yet especially in the West.

Club models fit the shape

As of late, players have had the option to visit online club where they get free twists as a little something extra for signing in and attempting their games. Similarly as a film is approximately demonstrated in a club, so is the online experience. A few club give you free tokens to play, and that is the place where online club and betting corridors get a model also.

Set in the Southwest, Guns Girls and Gambling additionally happens in Indian club, and all through the film there is a steady strain between the expressions “Indian” and “Local American.” The film will in general make fun of the questionable utilization of the two terms, and keeping in mind that a few people think that its somewhat hostile, it doesn’t seem like the creator planned it to be malevolent. It appears to be more similar to a composition on individuals’ violations, here and there with a bit of incitement.

Plots to Experience in Guns Girls and Gambling

Guns Girls and Gambling are suggestive of the way that life is loaded with exciting bends in the road and at times there is no reasonable purpose why things unfurl the manner in which they do. The film starts with Christian Slater, who as of late lost his sweetheart, apparently to another man, an attorney.

They cause you to accept that this other “fellow” has much more to bring to the table than you and now, because of his karma, Slater halted by a desert gambling club to take a stab at poker. The gambling club where he holds an Elvis pantomime challenge and, after entering, they give him an ensemble to wear.

With minimal expenditure and no possibilities, John Smith (Slater) took up the camouflage and began the activity. With no desire for winning an honor, he finds a spot at the table with other Elvis impersonators, including Elvis Midget, Hispanic Elvis, Asian Elvis, and the ‘genuine’ impersonator who makes certain to win, and win eventually.

Imagining that he would have more karma in letters than in affection, John Smith was less amazed to find that he had a similar misfortune in both. During the game, he finds out about the chief (proprietor of the club) and the invaluable Native American antiquity, the war veil. Shockingly, John Smith leaves out and wakes behind toward the beginning of the day just to locate that the extremely valuable veil was taken and should be one of Elvis’ impersonators.

Guns Girls and Gambling

This is the place where the situation starts to get interesting and takes a couple of spots of its own! A wonderful blonde is at the core of the plot as she kills the Elves individually like a bomb employing a weapon.

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At the point when it shows up at Slater, the young lady nearby (charming however a lot hotter) salvages our hero every once in a while and it isn’t until it is uncovered that the neighbor is working with Cowboy, who was the famous crowd of managers of the old West.


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