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Rounders (1998), Law Student Who become a Poker Player

Even though there are many new films released, the charm of old quality films will not be lost. Today, we bring you a rounders movie review.

As more and more new films were released, it was constantly starting to make people forget about the films that had been released in the previous decade. Even though these old films are no less cool than the films released today.

For reminiscing about the past with quality old films, here is a list of films that are very important for you to watch again.

Rounders Storyline

The storyline of this film tends to be simple, but with the expertise of the actors who play it, it makes this film worth watching again. This film tells the story of a law student played by Matt Damon who is good at playing poker cards.

But Matt doesn’t do this for personal pleasure. He has to help those who are in debt and his only skill is playing poker. The story in this film is presented dramatically, so you will definitely catch the lesson implicit in this film clearly.

A deck of playing cards and a jangle of colorful plastic coins is a road that leads to either victory or nothing. At the gambling table, everything happened unexpectedly. All calculations and theories sometimes come to be nonsense. Fate is determined solely by the cards that collide.

In the John Dahl film Rounders, the cards are the central role that determines the fate, motion and soul of the entire film. Dahl explained that poker does not care about a game, but also the art of magnetic opium, which is sufficient to get into it; a game that can be deadly. That charm also caught Mike McDermott (Man Damon), a law student.

Mike does have a balcat as a reliable poker player. In an instant, just by looking at the expression on his enemy’s face, he was able to devour all of his opponents. For him, the game of poker was not only determined by fate, but also by skill. He got hold of the cards.

However, the opposite happened. Those cards are the ones who control it. While playing with Teddy K.G.B. (John Malkovich), he lost. The total bet amounting to US$ 30,000 collapsed. In fact, the money should have been scribbled to pay for college. Jo (Gretchen Mol), his friend who lives in the same house, is furious.

Rounders Movie Review Climax

This incident became the starting point for Mike to immediately leave gambling. Mike is converted and returns to college while working hard as a delivery driver to replace the money that has gone out of sight at this gambling table.

The effort is successful until his best friend, Worm (Ed Norton), is released from prison. Worm went to jail because he could not pay a debt used for gambling. However, imprisonment does not necessarily pay off this debt.

Moving cameras and dark dark gaming tables all the way to the Las Vegas area. John Dahl presents the true face of this deceitful and dangerous world. People are destitute because of gambling. On the other hand, poker gambling is actually a source of livelihood.

They jump right into being a real player or just a side player. Whatever will be done about it, including cheating, as long as you don’t get caught, as Mike says in the opening of this film.

“If for half an hour of playing you don’t find a cheating player, then you’re the one who cheated.” Dahl inserts a catchy humor.

Rounders Movie Ending

One of them is the scene where the professional gamblers at the chainsaw table simultaneously in Las Vegas with the intention of draining the money of nuisers who try their luck by playing poker. They are a gang of people. But, like piranhas, of course they don’t eat each other.

Unfortunately, the screenplay written by David Levien and Brian Koppelman is not strong enough. Later, the story revolved around Wise’s apparent problem. Dahl solves all problems blandly.

Movie Review Rounders (1998)

In the John Dahl film Rounders, the cards are the central role that determines the fate, motion and soul of the entire film. Dahl explained that poker does not care about a game, but also the art of magnetic opium, which is sufficient to get into it; a game that can be deadly.

East in East Review

Movie Soundtrack


This incident became the starting point for Mike to immediately leave gambling. Mike is converted and returns to college while working hard as a delivery driver to replace the money that has gone out of sight at this gambling table.


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Movie 21 (2008), The Brilliant Card Counting Team

What if a brilliant student who clearly carries out his dream of becoming a prestigious university campus is suddenly threatened with a learning disability due to economic constraints? In this newest review movie 21 (2008), we will explore the outcome of that scenario.

Despite the fact that everything is done, from part time jobs, saving and ending with applying for scholarships. Nothing has work for the main character in this film.

Review Movie 21 (2008): The Plot

Unfortunately the scholarship possibility was rejected because other genius students also wanted it. This is what happened to Ben Campbell in film 21 who wanted to continue his studies at Harvard Medical University.

According to the Chancellor, Ben must have an X factor that makes him eligible for a scholarship.

This is where Ben’s turmoil starts, starring Jim Sturgess. This film by Robert Luketic, released in 2008, is more than just an ordinary student’s life. But it is also the brilliant Black Jack play at the Las Vegas casino which is a major highlight.

When Ben is desperate, his math professor Mickey Rose is amazed by Ben’s calculations. She felt that Ben could use her intelligence. Therefore, Mickey invites Ben to join the little secret community Counter that always meets after school.

The group includes students Jill Taylor (Kate Bosworth), Choi (Aaron Yu), Kianna (Lisa Lapira) and Fisher (Jacob Pitts) who was taught by Mickey to play Black Jack.

Of course they don’t play Blackjack like normal people do. They usually count cards with odds and statistics.

Review Movie 21 (2008): The Synopsis

At first Ben refused because he didn’t like playing Black Jack. But it turns out that the group has a beautiful girl named Jill whom he has secretly loved for a long time.

Ben’s thoughts change when Jill approaches and seduces him to join in. Ben is convinced by his dream of becoming a doctor and dating a girl has finally joined.

Their activity is very exciting. Imagine they always spend their weekends in Las Vegas with fake IDs that Mikey has prepared.

But they have to prepare as a team to win the game. With fake ID cards and lots of money they can stay in the most luxurious hotels with all the amenities.

However, due to frequent wins, many casinos are surprised by their losses.

This is where the problem starts. However large casinos that find their security systems extremely complex wonder what drawbacks they might suffer.

Review Movie 21 (2008): The Ending

This is where Ben and his friends work to ensure that Mickey doesn’t interfere in their lives anymore. Ben gave up his secret life. Then, make a diary containing his counter experience as an attachment to the chancellor.

His genius was proven and he deserved a scholarship. And one more thing this film is actually based on real events.

Review Movie 21 (2008)

21 is an American film released in 2008. The film was an instant hit, which was directed by Robert Luketic.

This film tells the story of a group of MIT students who use simple mathematics to gamble blackjack at a casino in the City of Las Vegas. They played as a team under the supervision of a lecturer named Micky to apply the card counting method so that they could find out exactly which positions were advantageous to win in the game.

The movie release date is March 28, 2008.

East in East Review

Movie Soundtrack


Unfortunately, Ben and his friends’ fun had to end when their action was discovered by one of the casino management officers. The team were forced to work together to catch Micky, a lecturer who teaches card counting.


Of course this card counting method doesn’t work in any real casinos. Even the easiest scams are more than just marking a card.

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Casino (1995), One of The Great Films of The Century

Casino is the premiere gambling movie that is topnotch when it comes regarding the scenes. This gambling crime genre film is an adaptation of a novel by Nicholas Pileggi and was directed by Martin Scorsese. An in-depth movie review Casino (1995) found that it was based on a true story. About the mafia and casino entrepreneurs in Las Vegas.

The director Martin Scorsese and De Niro are known for their collaborations, there have been 9 films where they worked together. Their collaborative films have become legendary films that film lovers must watch, namely Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Good Fellas and of course Casino.

Besides De Niro, this film also stars Joe Pesci as Nicky Santoro (Anthony Spilotro in the real world) and the beautiful actress Sharon Stone as Ginger Rothstein (Geri Rosenthal).

The film, which received an Academy Award nomination, tells the story of the life of Sam “Ace” Rothstein, who becomes the CEO of the Casino business in Vegas. Rothstein eventually gets into trouble for firing a brother from a member of the state commissioner. From there the conflict begins.

Casino (1995) : It was based on true story

Watching a long film that is worked on carefully with a storyline that contains a thick conspiracy element. Although not as vulgar as Oliver Stone’s style, this film is one of Scorsese achievements.

The film, which was released on November 22, 1995, was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Academy Award.

In addition, review movie Casino (1995) also found that this movie was also focusing on Sam Rothstein’s friendship with Nicky Santoro. And no less important is the love story of Sam Rothstein with Ginger. At least the following events are described in accordance with the true story:

  • Sam Rothstein character actually survives a car bomb attack
    Sam Rothstein actually survives a car bomb attack because of the metal stabilization plate that is mounted under the driver’s seat of the Cadillac El Dorado.

“When you love someone, you have to trust them, there is no other way. You have to give them the keys to everything you have. Otherwise, what’s the point? And, for a while, I believed that was how I felt love.” – Sam “Ace” Rothstein.

  • Ginger died of a drug overdose shortly after leaving Las Vegas
    The real-life Ginger (a character played by Sharon Stone) died of a drug overdose shortly after leaving Las Vegas. Some of the murders depicted in the film took place in real life. Including a former casino executive who was hounded and killed at his home in Costa Rica.
  • Nicky Santoro’s dies along with his brother
    Nicky Santoro’s character (real-life Anthony Spilotro) dies along with his brother and the two are milled in a cornfield in rural northwest Indiana.
  • The disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa
    The case of the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa which was officially declared inclocusive and still unclear to this day. But in this film, Martin Scorsese uses its own version, namely the Frank Sheeran’s version which was the became basis for this film.

Movie Review: Casino (1995)

The film, which was released in America on November 22, was directed by Martin Scorsese, who brought his “regular” actor, namely actor Robert De Niro who played Sam Rothstein (Lefty Rosenthal in the real world).

Because the audience are invited to elaborate on at least three major conflicts. In this film we will be attracted by the characters Sam, Ginger and Nicky. All of which contain greed, conspiracy, cunning, love, betrayal and revenge.

East is East Review

Movie Soundtrack


With a true story adaptation that really captivates the writer, subjectively judging this film as a great film which is one of my favorite films with a rating of 4.9 out of 5. Even though this film is quite old, we highly recommend this film to watch.


Don’t be surprised if this film lasts almost 3 hours. Even so we won’t get bored when watching this film. Because it’s a really good masterpiece.

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The 25 Best Gambling Movies of All Time

Are you arranging a movie night with your buddies who fancy a gambling thriller with fun and betting in Vegas? Thankfully, our team had gone through the trouble and compiled a list of 25 best gambling movies of all time.

Not only that, they also have review each and every one of them for the pleasure of movie buffs everywhere. You don’t need to get involved. Just watch and be inspired to gamble.

Come and see together our list of 25 most exciting movies about gambling. That’s our best recommendation on the best gambling movies of all time.

Maybe you already know which movie to watch next? Thus, bring out the popcorn, round up your friends.

And let the show begin!

Hold On, What exactly is a Gambling Movie?

Well, there’s not any trick question here. They’re films that centered around gambling and may frequently be correlated with a different genre like comedy or action.

That is absolutely emphasized in a recent research published by top online gaming source,

After doing an extensive analytical analysis on the best 25 gambling movies of all time and compiling all the statistical information from credible industry resources. They manage to present a credible review for each gambling movie mentioned in the list.

So, without further a do, here are the best gambling movies you must watch in 2021.

Best New Gambling Movies

Everything you will probably discover in the list is that you will recognize lots of those famous actor names and said “Oh, of course!” second. Because maybe despite the apparent connotations in a number of the big names on screen to these gambling movies. The tie into gambling could be deemed subtle. This is a result of clever screenplay writing.

First up, we will show you some of the best as well as all time best movies. Some of these movies are best new gambling movies.

While some of the rest are old school. It is still a gold yet to be discovered. So here goes.

Rounders (1998)

Rounders is mostly famously known as a poker film and was released in the year 1998. Rounders started off as a cheap as well as low key world of poker. It then evolved into a world of high class poker. This involves millionaires, as well as huge stacks of cash that are being gambled.

The movie itself is written based on two friends who desperately has to win high stakes of poker. They go around the city to stroll and look around for poker games. Whether it was legal or illegal, they were in it.

The goal of these two main characters is to pay off a debt. Hence the movie is called as “rounders” because these people go around the city. They eventually get to pay off their debt. This is because the character’s eccentric trait has made him a player who is very smart at playing poker.

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Casino Royale (2006)

Next up, we bring to you another very amazing movie that you should try. Casino Royale is a movie that featured James Bond.

Surely everyone knows who James Bond is. If not, then let me give you a quick glance. James Bond is known as a secret agent for the British MI6.

So if you are in for some thrill as well as a quick action movie, then you might be in for a treat. Casino Royale takes a lot of its scene from the casino.

It features James Bond that is going to be an undercover agent. While watching this movie, you might want to expect a few action heroes action. The movie itself is not bland and cliché. There are a lot of unexpected scenes and that these scenes will be very flashy.

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Mississippi Grind (2015)

Next up, we have the infamous Mississippi Grind. This movie takes place in America specifically New Orleans.

It features a gambler that is very unlucky. His name is called Garry and that he is on a lucky hot streak. It was only so recent that Garry is facing a lot of winnings.

The movie itself is very entertaining because there was a lot of development in the plot.

From this movie alone, you can see that he want for an all in into a game of poker. And from there, he became one of the most respected poker players.

Overall, the movie has a high rating of around 7 stars on IMDb. It also has a lot of viewers as well as sponsorships. This is a great movie to truly get yourself entertained.

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Molly’s Game (2017)

Molly’s Game is a very thrilling movie to watch. This movie in itself has won so many awards already. If you are keen to trying a new and unique type of genre, then you might want to try to watch this movie.

Molly’s Game features the story of Molly Bloom. And by the way, this is based off of a true story from in real life situations.

This beautiful young lady is one of the world’s best Olympic Skier. This is until she had a setback and had to get an injury. In order to keep striving in life, she became a host for high stakes poker game. This inclused Hollywood artists as well as sport stars and huge mobs.

She managed to host all of these safe poker games and invited some of the world’s wealthiest people to play poker. Please do try watching this movie because it is very entertaining to try.

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7 Days to Vegas (2019)

Let us tone down the atmosphere a bit with some comedy genre movies. Comedy is fun to watch especially if you are watching it with friends.

This type of comedy is a bit under rated and it has a lot of vulgar languages. 7 days to Vegas is actually based off of a true movie. So you might want to set the right tone and tune in into this movie.

The actor Duke Madson is featured with the role as an actor inside the movie. He is struggling financially. The story of this movie is somehow quite similar to the story of Molly’s Game.

In this movie, you will see the amazing planning and mind of Duke Madson. As he will be inviting Hollywood’s biggest celebrities as well as strong power house players. They bet millions and millions of dollars onto the pool table too!

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Best Gambling Movies on Netflix

Watching a gambling film is a superb way to find out a bit about your favorite casino game, while it’s craps, baccarat, poker, or blackjack. Fortunately, you do not have to look far and hard to zero in on the best gaming flicks.

These films on Netflix are all about high stakes and the tumultuous effects that include them.

Ozark (2017)

Looking for a movie that is binge worthy? Well you might not want to categorize Ozark as a movie. It is actually a TV Show.

Ozark is a TV show basically based on money laundering. But it still has a lot of fun to offer you.

First up, it features a family of 4 and they live in a place near the Ozark River. In an attempt to stay alive, they have to launder money for drug lords.

As a result, they make their own casino so that they can use that business to make more money at the end.

From Ozark, you will see that there are a lot of games featured here. Some of which are such as slot machines. They show scenes of slot machines being rigged as well as used as a medium to launder money. From this alone, viewers can see a development of an amazing plot.

Feel free to watch this movie as it also has a high IMBD as well as Rotten Tomatoes rating. The rating is placed at 4 out of 5 stars in total.

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The Cooler (2003)

A cooler is a fancy name for a dealer or even someone who works around the casino.

This movie depicts a story of a corrupt or even eccentric cooler. The main type of game that is displayed in this game is known as craps. The game of craps is exciting as well as fun.

In this movie, there are a lot of tragic stories as well as dramas. This leads The Cooler that is the main actor to change casinos. He works for a guy named Larry in an attempt to make a lot of money off of that casino.

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Casino Jack (2010)

The storyline of this film centers on what’s recorded to have already been motivated by real life events if Jack Abramoff along with his co stars trades as lobbyists.

Nevertheless, first of the movie calls bit of everything could happen. By way of instance, there’s a scene at which Abramoff and Scanlon are frustrated in being redeemed for a few of those casino deals.

Frustration is maybe perhaps not exactly what opens the doorway to scandal, it really is exactly what people discuss doing to Bernie Sprague (Graham Greene).

Bernie is certainly one of those casino associates that aren’t encouraging of keeping their services (helping to make accusations of visiting tame versus only 1 action of retaliation. revenge). The pure evolution he’d subsequently benefit Greenberg Traurig was expected.

Nevertheless, the movie indicates what could adversely influence what happens to him is the first driveway to start and maintain just successful restaurants. And exactly that which he can to use and retain the cash flowing. By way of instance, from the film he took Adam Kidan like a small company partner.

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Bachelor Party Vegas (2006)

Bachelor Party Vegas is another fun casino movie that you should watch. This movie is way more wild than some of the previous movies we have talked about.

Bachelor Party Vegas is a movie in which many of the actors play it cool and play a much more royale scene.

A collection of men go to Vegas for their companions lone ranger gathering to have what they think will be a great time.

This reason is very regular really and to be expected using any and all means. There are many aspects of this movies because it also involves a lot of romanticism as well as a lot of drama.

Be sure to stick until the end for the show to actually see the plot twists. Overall, it is quite an enjoyable movie to watch in the year 2021.

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Best Gambling Movies on Amazon Prime

From a cinematic standpoint, we’ve been treated with a host of films that delve deeper into the casinos, bookies, and pool sharks’ internal workings.

There’s a good deal of entertainment to be experienced when a movie is about putting bets on horse races, baseball games, and various sports matches. Here are some of the best gambling movie you must watch in 2021 in Amazon Prime.

Swingers (1996)

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. A former bouncer still fighting along with his break-up finds a silver lining when his very best friend takes him to vegas for a night on the town.

He sees there’s more to the planet he then initially believed and that there is much more out there.

You may see this gloomy loner transforms to a guy accountable for This movie shows the pros and cons of living in Venice.

With amazing themes and characters, this movie shows the wonderful diversity of its cast members.

Swingers makes you grateful to have friends. As it is a film about guys realising that with them all you need to get you through the worst of all existence is time. And time on your stretches on forever.

The film is sweet, funny, observant and goofy using a little”g,” so that you don’t get compensated, but you do not need to put on the suit.

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Hard Eight (1996)

Next up, we have another old school movies in line. Even though this movie is already a little bit too old. Players still have to appreciate this old school movie from 1996.

Hard Eight is a movie that stars a senior gambler named Sydney. Sydney is to find a young man and will be a mentor to this person.

The plot of this movie itself is quite anti cliche. This is because the movie is based on a real life story.

Sydney eventually ends up helping John to cover for his mother’s funeral. This offers at the end pushes John to learn more about the world of Texas Hold em Poker.

They both started the first poker scene in Las Vegas. From then on, John is to be Sydney’s protege and learned a lot of new things from him.

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Bugsy (1991)

Do not let the title fool you! Bugsy is actually a very different movie than what you might have thought of it. This movie features and tells a story about a gangster life.

Back in the days, gangsters are more known as mobs. They are respectable crime lords that do organized crimes.

Now we specifically add this into our list today because this movie has a lot to do with casino.

Bugsy also known as the main character organizes a lot of gambling rings. You will surely get to experience the vibes of what a gangster’s life would be like about 20 to 30 years ago.

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Eight Men Out (1988)

Some people may not expect a lot from this movie. Eight Men Out is not an ordinary casino movie.

The film is actually created upon the fact of true events. The movie Eight Men Out tells a story of organized sports event.

While doing so, the manager decided to place bets or also known as sports betting. This is a fun thing to watch and enjoy. The movie takes place around 20 years ago back in mid 2000s.

You might want to try to watch this movie. Even though it is old school, it still has a lot of key things that might make you a better baseball player.

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Best Gambling Movies Hollywood

The drama surrounding the world of gaming can suck you in with the stories of big wins, catastrophic declines, and criminal masterminds. And it’s easy to become caught up in the situation of those big name actors who find themselves in the crosshairs of the bigwigs that operate their gaming underworld.

Guns Girls and Gambling (2012)

Guns, Girls and Gambling is a 2012 American action comedy thriller gambling movie written and directed by Michael Winnick.

The film stars an ensemble cast, which includes Christian Slater, Gary Oldman, Helena Mattsson, Megan Park, Chris Kattan, and Tony Cox.

Girls And Gambling is an unique that is absolute of kind film. The term ‘so bad it is really good‘ ended up being created for this kind of comedic mockeries similar to this. And with every cliché that is stylistic in it. The movie manage to uphold this vibe vigorously.

However, while it is a nice movie. Michael Winnick still succeed in keeping his casts. The movie will keeps you entertained throughout the duration. If you happen to like the first ten full minutes of the movie. Then, you are going to like the whole thing.

This is actually a great accomplishment. As too many movies nowadays starting out with a similar goofy vibe. Then suddenly become boring after a while.

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Lucky You (2007)

Lucky You’re a 2007 American play gambling movie directed by Curtis Hanson, also starring Drew Barrymore, Robert Duvall, and Eric Bana.

The movie was shot on location in Las Vegas. The screenplay was written by Hanson and Eric Roth.

Set in 2003, Huck Cheever (Eric Bana) is a young and gifted poker player in Las Vegas haunted by his own relationship with his estranged father, a Poker Champion. While Huck is just a standard player in Vegas poker rooms. He requires $10,000 to get a chair in the World of Poker Championship Main Event.

The movie, is all about gambling, but by all means: it is its low-key delights. It maybe safer to fold, and expect Hanson deals us a professional performance soon.

The final result is a film could have been better off eschewing its own comedic dreams so as to tell a significant story, which Hanson and Duvall have over proven they are capable of.

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The Hangover (2009)

The Hangover is a 2009 American comedy gambling movie directed by Todd Phillips, co-produced together with Daniel Goldberg, also Composed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore.

Wild and mad, The Hangover is a outrageous comedy with nonstop laughs. Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, along with Zach Galifianakis create a humorous comedy group and have good chemistry together. And, the storyline is weaving a enjoyable puzzle filled with shocking surprises.

The movie is actually great. The comedy gets a little too crass and dull, but the majority of it functions. The Hangover is remarkably enjoyable with its totality of hysterical shenanigans.

The movie premiered on June 5, 2009 and has been a commercial success. It became the tenth-highest-grossing movie of 2009, with a worldwide gross of over $467 million.

The film also won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture for Comedy, it also obtained multiple different award nominations.

The Hangover might not be the most revolutionary humor, but adhering to the prospects of recollection the memory after being drunk in reverse is a formulation for a hilarious moment.

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The Color of Money (1986)

The Colour of Money is a 1986 American gambling sport movie led by Martin Scorsese and published by Touchstone Pictures.

The movie cast celebrities such as Paul Newman along with Mary Helen Shaver, Tom Cruise, and John Turturro. Along with Elizabeth Mastrantonio in supporting characters.

The movie continues the narrative of gambling hustler along with stakehorse gambler Edward “Fast Eddie” Felson. Newman won the Academy Award for Best Actor because of his performance in this movie. His first Oscar triumph following eight nominations, seven of these for Best Actress.

The movie centered around the sport of nine-ball, a pool version played with high stakes.

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Best Chinese Gambling Movies

This may definitely be the situation for a lot of gambling movie that came in at first place with the overall high score, such as God of Gambler. Simply because it is very entertaining.

Additionally, many audiences have become used to many Andy Lau and Stephen Chou’s movies that use a range of attractions such as slapsticks fight scenes and visual effects.

Even though gambling is a good genre in chinese movies, it is still integrated subtly into the gaming action elements of the film.

From Vegas To Macau (2014)

From Vegas To Macau is a Hong Kong-Chinese comedy gambling movie directed by Wong Jing. The film stars Chow Yun-fat, Jing Tian, Chapman To Nicholas Tse. It was premiered during 2014 Chinese New Year.

From Vegas to Macau is not just another gambling-themed action play comedy film which stars Chow Yun Fat. It is a watchable, fun play comedy movie.

Anybody who watched Hong Kong gambling movies from the 90s should understand exactly what this movie is all about. Touted as the long-awaited reunion between Chow and Wong Jing since their enormously powerful hits ‘God of Gamblers’ from the 1990s. However, this movie isn’t linked to this that movie at all.

The movie grossed US$4 million from its launch in China. It was grossed around $95.9 million globally. Following its first success, a sequel was premiered on February 19, 2015.

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Poker King (2009)

Poker King is a 2009 Hong Kong gambling movie co-written and directed together by Janet Chun and Chan Hing-Kai. It starring Sean Lau and Louis Koo. The movie genre is action-pack comedy.

Pitting Sean Lau (Lau Ching Wan) and Louis Koo collectively, and what you get is instantaneous chemistry.

The male couple have emerged in comedies from films about girls, advertisements, bras, goods and nearly anything you may name in the past ten years.

Overall, Poker King is equally annoying and funny. The gambling sequences are essentially as per standard. A lot of good techniques included in the movie, including poker player mimicking another participant in all elements. It’s essentially in its heart, a poker face.

Poker King premiered on 22 October 2009 in Hong Kong. The movie was released at 18 December 2009 on DVD and VCD, and in Blu-ray at 5 January 2010.

Some prominent professional poker players such as David Rheem, Liz Lieu, Nam Le, Johnny Chan, Christer Andersson, Winfred Yu along with James Sudworth appear at the movie.

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God of Gamblers (1989)

God of Gamblers is a 1989 Hong Kong action comedy-drama movie written and directed by Wong Jing. It comprised an all-star cast headed by Chow Yun-fat and Andy Lau.

This film has everything. There’s action, humor, drama, suspense. I’ve not ever seen a picture mix all components other than this one. God of Gamblers is a tiny hybrid of distinct genres. There’s extreme drama, lively humor and ultraviolent activity.

This picture once more shows Hong Kong cinema at its very best. In the film, Chow Yun Fat shows magnificent acting abilities as he can act in all sorts of personalities. From being a guy trapped in an child-like country, to finally became the God of Gamblers.

The achievement and success of this movie spawned several sequels, spin-offs and parodies.

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Skiptrace (2016)

Skiptrace is a 2016 Hong Kong-Chinese-American gambling cop comedy movie directed by Renny Harlin.

The movie was based from a story, created, starred by Jackie Chan. The movie also featured co-stars Johnny Knoxville along with Fan Bingbing. It had been released in China on July 21, 2016 and at the USA on September 2, 2016.

The story revolve around Det. Benny Chan (Jackie Chan) who finds that a freewheeling American gambler Connor Watts (Johnny Knoxville) gets the proof he wants. Benny then groups with Connor to acquire justice.

Skiptrace is a well-animated experience. The inherent comedy in Jackie Chan’s actions scenes combined with the character that’s Johnny Knoxville demonstrated to be somewhat enjoyable and joyous.

The movie premiered number #1 on its own launching in China. Grossing over US$60 million. The movie has grossed a total of 870 million Yuan in the box office.

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Gambling Addiction Movies

This particular genre contain very little source of movies because it is not nearly as entertaining as the other genres, such as gambling action and thriller genres.

People making bets and gamble every day for an entire scope of reasons. While betting reasonably isn’t an issue, gambling addiction however, can turn into a an vicious dependence. It also can be very destructive to our psychological well-being.

Here are some the best gambling addiction movies you must watch in 2021.

Uncut Gems (2019)

Uncut Gems is a 2019 American gambling crime thriller movie directed by Josh along with Benny Safdie.

The film stars Adam Sandler who plays the character, Howard Ratner, a Jewish-American jeweler and gambling addict in New York City. Ratner must recover a costly gemstone to repay his debts.

Uncut Gems takes you to a trip which makes you both feel and empathize contempt for Sandler’s personality.

In addition, this movie is one of his finest performances. The movie also stars Julia Fox, Lakeith Stanfield, Idina Menzel, Eric Bogosian, and Kevin Garnett.

Uncut Stone had its world premiere in the Telluride Film Festival on August 30, 2019. It entered into a limited launch in the USA on December 13, 2019. The movie was selected as one of the best ten gambling movies of 2019. Additionally, it turned into highest-grossing film domestically using $50 million.

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Owning Mahowny (2003)

Owning Mahowny is a 2003 Canadian Movie about gambling addiction. The narrative was about the biggest one-man financial fraud in Canadian history.

Brian Molony, who functioned as a clerk in the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. He embezzled around $10 million from his clients in only 18 months to support his gambling addiction.

There have been several fantastic movies about gambling, but none which single-mindedly reveals the gambler at his job. Mahowny has only been rewarded in the office with a promotion and a raise.

He pushes a clunker the parking lot attendants child him around. His matches amuse his clientele. But he was hiding a really dark secret. He was a gambling addict.

This film includes Philip Seymour Hoffman, Maury Chaykin, Minnie Driver, and John Hurt was named among the 10 greatest gambling movies of the year by movie critique, Roger Ebert.

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21 (2008)

21 is a 2008 American gambling heist movie starring Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, Jim Sturgess, Laurence Fishburne, Jacob Pitts, Aaron Yoo, Liza Lapira, and Kieu Chinh. The movie was directed by Robert Luketic.

The film is inspired by the true story of the MIT Blackjack Team as described in the book, Bringing Down The House, a 2003 bestselling publication by Ben Mezrich.

As with many gambling movies, it is hard to communicate the joy of winning second hand. The human-interest complications in the movie are unconvincing and Spacey himself , is a lugubrious and deadening existence.

However, it is a slick enough film, with a fascinating idea. It’d be a far more enjoyable film, but the wheels did not come off script-wise.

Despite its mostly mixed reviews and controversies, 21 was a box office success, and become number one movie in the USA and Canada throughout its first and second weeks of release.

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Casino (1995)

Casino is a 1995 is an American epic gambling movie directed by Martin Scorsese. This movie marks the 8th collaboration between Scorsese and De Niro. It was distributed by Universal Pictures.

The intriguing movie reveals a good deal of information about the Mafia’s connection with casinos in Las Vegas. It is based on a novel by Nicholas Pileggi, whose authentic story arouses the film’s plot.

Much like “The Godfather,” the movie makes us feel as though the audience are eavesdropping at a certain location.

The key characters from the films are based on actual men and women in the mafia. Casino premiered on November 22, 1995, to largely favorable critical reception, and has been a global box office success.

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The excitement of watching these films is that we can see parts of the world that we are not used to seeing every day. That’s why many people like fantasy, action, gambling or crime movies. What is told there is something new and deliberately made interesting.

We can see that part of the world without having to gamble. Of course, we are old enough to know that gambling is much like drugs. Both produce mortal pleasure and real damage.

So, just enjoy the fun of the story. Don’t forget to share this article on your social media.

Feel free to enjoy some of our best gambling movies reccomendations today.

The Winning Tips on Betting Exchange customized

The betting exchange offers many betting opportunities to the customers. However, in order to take advantage of the good opportunities, the clients should use the betting exchange and stick to the winning strategies. This certainly will lead to the clients being successful in the betting exchange.

In recent times, the football bets have become very lucrative. Lots of money can exchange hands through the betting exchange. The betting exchange allows the punters to lay their bets and back their counters. In addition, the betting exchange offers a lot of betting styles and betting systems.

The betting exchange differs from the traditional bookies and that is why people are being attracted to use it. Aside from the fact that you can place different bets through the betting exchange, you can also change your betting style on the betting exchange.You can either back a team to win or lay a team to lose. However, you are strictly restricting yourself from doing the opposite when preparing your bets. For instance, you can’t back a team to lose or lay a team to lose.

The best strategy and method to win in betting exchange is to lay low. When you lay a bet in the bookmakers, you are betting against some other bet. But when you lay at the betting exchange, you are betting against the event happening or not happening. When you lay at the betting exchange, you are betting exclusively on the outcome happening.

The betting exchange allows you to place your bets at any time on any event. And, earlier you have to pay the bookies a certain amount of money for your bet. But now you can shift the odds in your favour by changing your betting style. Hence, you lose the additional betting money when your selection loses the game. Now you come across no money at all. This can be a lot of difference to the punters like you.

Like arranged betting, switch betting too replaced the traditional scheduled betting. There is no more a bookie who owns and runs with you. There is another betting option available at the betting exchange, the betting exchange being the place where you bet against other players.

In addition, while betting against other players, you also bet against the oozing good player. Like in a basketball game, you may bet against a well known player while betting against some unknown player.

The betting Exchange has also introduced on itsLive In-Play betting, where you can place your bets while the event is in progress. Suppose you think that something unusual is happening in a football match whilst watching a tennis match on television, you can place your bet while it is on. Also, during a rugby match, you can bet on a particular score. While placing bets, you get to see the relevant information without risking a considerable amount of money.

There are many online betting exchanges for betting on sports. Online betting has become very popular these days since the end of the recession. In just a few years, betting has gone to a different level. Prior to this, people used to put pen to paper and write down things like football predictions, horse racing tips and other predictions of equal importance. people used to think twice and thrash their pens against the walls to share their views.

generation after generation of sports enthusiasts, children as young as 8 or 9 years old identify their own once as “craps” and use those movements to bet in the real craps game. The traditional game of craps is so exciting at such short notice, that you feel like taking a trip of some sort in Las Vegas where at last you lose all your money. In a live craps game, the dice are thrown by the shooter on the craps table and at the same instant the twirl of the dice creates a drift of the dice to the opposite wall. The same thing happens during the lay off when the turn comes for the players betting on the pass line. The dice enters the drum at the bottom right corner of the board and returns to the shooter on the left side of the board at the moment of the shooting event.

One can actually play craps like a pro if you train yourself to bet properly. If you pass on advice, you may just get carried away and waste a lot of money. Wrong assumption can ruin a lot of money. Repeat, Wrong assumption and at last, loss of money. It is better to assume that the shooter does not possess the same skill that the coach uses at the craps table. Assume also, that the shooter does not hold the dice for ten continuous minutes.

Mere luck works best when the dice is thrown and the numbers are quoted after the hand. The reason for much of the success is the betting system at the craps table. Once the shooter selects the dice, the players usually bet on the pass line.

Poker Tournaments – Discover How to Take Down First Place!

To count back the years since the very first poker tournament, the game has seen an enormous amount of alterations and development. There are countless tournaments held all over the world to this very day where a single person or team always seems to rise above the rest due to their luck in the very game.

We could conveniently trace back the beginnings of poker tournaments right back to the beginning of recorded history where in everygat tournament, the undefeated king was selected by the people and was crowned as the tournament winner. The game then went on to see plenty of changing and developing.

Nowadays, poker tournaments are no more limited in the kind of players they can select from. Such tournaments contain a huge number of players because of the quite lucrative prizes associated with them.

Discover How to Take Down First Place!

For the first-time poker tournament winners, it is important to learn the Poker Terms, tricks and understand the kinds of players that you can fall into winning in this otherwise tough game.

Normally, there are two ways to win a poker tournament. The first way is to get selected by the public through a publicized tournament. The second way is to win in a specific special tournament where only a limited number of people can participate.

Also, the second way is to win the tournament through one of the private tournaments. Winning in a tournament on this basis is called signing up. This is when a player signs up by using a particular poker site’s bonus code during the sign up period. This is when one’s game really becomes interesting because one can play with a lot more poker than usual.

Signing up is really the key to winning big in poker tournaments.One should make it a point to sign up to various poker sites using different bonus codes during the up mode. Finding one such bonus code is rather easy. It just requires looking for the code that will offer some sign up bonuses.

One should examine the expiration date when it comes to the bonus code as it is usually valid for a limited time only. expiration dates can be as short as a week or as long as a month. But a good deal of free poker money offers are made to those who are first to sign up during the up mode.

During the up mode, one should make a new name as their poker account name. This name will be used for both the tournament and real money games. One should keep a note of the name they use on the lobby of their poker account. This name can be different from the one used at home. This name can’t be used once again during the regular online poker time.

Regular Poker Tournaments

During the regular online poker time, one should open a tournament for the sole purpose of participating in the bonus. They can do this by clicking on the play poker banner. This brings up the tournament date and time for that day. Choosing the tournament is easy. One can do it by providing the text box with its details, or through the minimize and maximize buttons.

It is important to follow the recommended pattern in the tournaments. Patterns for example are the hardest ones to follow. This is because the intervals in the game are divided very much.

The recommended way to do it is to have a fixed combination of cards. When one has a strict hand and they can be read easily, the hand should be played aggressively. When the hand is mostly played, the intervals are less and sometimes even in the middle of the game one can play aggressively.

The ideal start for the game should be a full house no less than a seven. Otherwise, the training program should have been a failure. If ever the percentages in the deck are high and very similar, it would be better to change tables midway through the game.

Variants of poker are also available and it varies from casino to casino. The most popular poker in the moment is Texas Hold Em, but there are many poker games like that. The bets can vary from a few cents to a dollar and in the case of variations like H.O.R.S.E poker, the minimum bet can be as little as a penny and the maximum one is the dollar. The minimum and maximum bets are both doubles.


During the tournament, the game goes on at a fast pace and the players have to be very alert. The dealers keep dealing the cards and the fast movement of cards through the deck makes it difficult for the players to follow the movement of cards. The cards are in play for a limited period of time in the game and after that they are put aside to be dealt again.

If the game is pause, it is suggested that the players gather in the area with minimum distractions such as children or relatives. The players can also do something other than watching the cards being shuffled.

For the poker players who want to have a fast-paced game practice, it can be best to use Play Tech software. Play Tech softwares can be used on most mobile devices.

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Online Poker Quick Tips

Playing online poker is a great way to enjoy the game because you can play with thousands of players at anytime and anywhere. There are many different websites that offer the game so you can play anytime.

You no longer need to wait for your friends to show up or the church to go to. You can sit with your laptop in the comfort of your bedroom and earn a considerable amount of cash by playing internet poker.

With online poker, you need to practice often to increase your chances of winning. Rather than going to a casino and practicing to get used to the game, you can click on various online poker rooms and practice in multiple tables at once. This will help increase your chances of winning and earning as you will not be rushed by the others and can take as much time as you need.

With online poker, you need to be wary of your betting habits. Internet poker focuses heavily on probability and what cards you have, however, that doesn’t mean you should go to war with your opponents over who has the better hand. That’s a bad reputation to get yourself into if you are counting cards, for example, and most people with a gambling problem end up here. If you want to get better at your poker game, you can read tips over the internet or ask other players who have been playing for quite some time.

Other than that, you need to know a lot about poker including its history, variations, and what games are the most popular. Not only will you learn what you need to know to win, but you can also choose to read articles on other poker games and master those before trying your hand at online poker.

Online poker isn’t just about luck and winning, as much as it is getting your money and having fun. That’s why playing poker online and in a real life casino is so worth it. You can have fun at first and then have yourself a good time once you’ve become familiar with the game.

Play free poker online and you can get your feet wet trying to learn the game before doing serious betting with your hard-earned money. The low stakes make it easy to try, but few actually have the knowledge and experience to make real money playing poker online. By playing free poker online you can learn the game without risking anything.

The best part of free poker online is that you can play from the comfort of your own homes and you can bet real money without having to spend more than you can afford. Play poker online in one of the best casinos online and bet away your little ragies. You’ll feel much happier later after the session and you’ll have a bit of extra money to take home.

Of course, you can spend time practicing your skills in various online games and tournaments. If you want to win at online poker, you can bet and try your hand at exciting tournaments. You might get lucky during your online gambling, or you might not. But the more you play online, the more you get used to the different differences and you’ll be prepared for the big casino tournaments.

Once you’re ready to try your hand at online casino tournaments, you can find different poker tournaments available. Some tournaments have relatively small buy-ins; other large ones. Others may be larger than life and involve many players. Yet others offer special bonuses for larger prize pools. In addition there are tournaments with special rules like speed and table limits.

When you play a poker tournament, you can participate in various packages and promotions. One of the most popular promotions offered is the elimination tournament – it’s a customized tournament that’s designed to take people and their huge bankrolls to exciting places while they eliminate their opponents one by one.

When you play a live, in person tournament, you get a chance to see and hear the croupier or dealers call the numbers as they are called out. In addition, you often get to see your opponents’ cards. These breaks give you a chance to take a look and respond in kind with your own calls. The dealers also play automated card games for the casino’s benefit. When these games are not being played, the dealers take turns taking the cards for the other players. The automated games are set to handle the various situations of the casino’s games while the live dealers handle the actual dealing.

Although you won’t be able to see the faces of your opponents, you will get a good idea of their voices and the general mood in the game. Players do this to try to tip the house advantage toward their favor. In other words, the game is set up so that the house is at an advantage over the players on any given hand. Try tipping the house with your bet selection. If you want to do the same thing in Vegas, get there during the afternoons or early evening. That’s when the casinos are full of people already accustomed to the fast-paced pace of gambling.