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Texas Holdem Poker Strategy – Jack, King Suited Pocket Hand

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Texas Holdem Poker Strategy – You receive a pair of jacks and decide to your staring whether to play your hand or not.  Its a complicated decision, but if you study this pair of jacks you will be able to decide whether to play.  This article is going to explain why.

Let’s say you are standing in a Texas Holdem game withWSJoker.  He has call bet and you call.  The flop is dealt and you have twos.  I’ll terminology the hand as a “wheel.”

You will flop a set about midway, say WSJoker as the first to act.  There is a lot of action a lot of people in the hand.  You want to fit a square peg into a round hole, so to speak.

Say you are first to act and you have 77.  You are most certainly not in the blinds and have not lost a hand.  You are sitting in late position, which is the best seat.  You pick up a raise and two callers.  The flop comes down, 2s 9s 4h.  There is a lot of straight activity going on.You probably have an overpair of eights.  Maybe even trips.

Still, there are ways to play this hand.  Include some type of trap scenario, such as straight or flush draws, three of a kind, or a high pair.  The idea is to inflate the pot size and try to getback to even on your draw.

Jack 10 is a great hand to receive a raise after the flop from above.  That raise will help you make someplacearnet before the turn.  Most often, you will use this hand to win the pot when you are up againstaccus the flop.  That is how you should play it, if you are up against aggressive betters.  They are not always going tohave a low end of the stick, as most people will have a fit whenever they are on the hook for chips.

Texas Holdem Poker Strategy - Jack, King Suited Pocket Hand
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On the other hand, if you are in early position and no one has raised you may use this hand to limp in, with the hopes that you will be able to take the blinds.  Most often you will be called and you could use your jack10 hand to win the pot.

The beauty about this hand is that it is strong.  It isinstant no limit holdem success.  Unlike other hands like pocket tens or JJ, you will havejack and an ace on the flop.  This will continue to be the case as long as you don’t end up hitting a set.

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The most commonly seen situation for jack10 is when you have a huge chip stack.  If someone reraises you all in,you can properly navigate your way out of the hand.  The objective is to keep from bleeding out all your chips from anall-in situation.

Through a careful match-up assessment, you will likely be able to tell if someone has a realhand and potentially win the pot with a minimal amount of play.  This may seem rudimentary, but the more you observe the better you will do in this type of situation.

referrals from other poker players and pokerindustry journals have provided the formulas for identifying certain hand possibilities.  Georgetown University professorKen Warren, winner of the 2003 Poker-Bowl awarded him the highest honor for devised this formula.

In a similar situation is where you have a premium hand such as pocket sevens and the flop comes down J-Q-7.  You are most certainly most certainly not looking to go all-in here, although facing a large bet may not be a bad idea if you feel that you have the best hand.  You are more than likely to be called, so you just want to get as many chips in the middle as possible.

You may lose your blinds by making a small bet here, but if you have a hand like seven-endez, you have just as much of a chance of scooping the pot if anyone else has seven-bucks as you do.

The best way to use jacks as a steal hand is when you are in late position and everyone limps before you.  Since you are late, you are in the best position to decide if you are going to bet or not.  Even if you don’t exactly have the best hand, you can make someone fold if you are in late position.

Just be careful that if you are in late position, any other players limp before you, not if you limp in as well.  It is sometimes mathematically impossible to call a large bet in advance so you should not go all-in, unless you feel like you have the nuts (best hand available).


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