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Hello, friends lovers of online gambling, reunited with this admin today. This time the admin will review how to continue to win in online poker games or a good guide to continue to win in online poker games. Poker is a game that gives you an advantage because in the game of poker you are always the dealer. In playing this game you must play with relaxed, calm, and not hasty in deciding.

The game of poker is divided into 8 players, namely one person can be the dealer and the other 7 are bettors. In the game of Poker, the largest card is a card that is 10 and the smallest card is a card that is 1. In poker, the cards of Jack, Queen, and King are counted as 10 or 0, and aces are counted as 1.

Just as I mentioned above the online poker game is online gambling is played by eight people, where each player uses 3 cards. In this poker game, the player simply conquers 1 dealer by obtaining a higher card value from the dealer’s card.

Online poker game is the easiest game to get Jackpot while playing. This is a great advantage for you to make an impressive profit. Play on the online pkv judi qq site for the best service provided. And one of these advantages will help you also become the best player in the online poker game.


Online poker games are among the easiest games to play, not only easy but this game is also unique plus you can often be a dealer.

Here is a list of the right steps to continue winning online poker:

Start By Playing at a Small Table

Because this online poker playing with real money is either you in or practice at a small table first, so you know your strength to were. Don’t rush right to play to a big table when you’re a new player.

Playing With Patience

In any online gambling such as online poker, it should not be easy to get emotional and hasty in deciding. It is better that you try to analyze the course of the game and pay attention to the cards that will be made.

Always focused and concentrated

If you are not focused and not concentrated when playing, you have to accept defeat. Admin advice stays away from some things that can interfere with your focus and concentration when you play such as watching youtube, TV, or calling. Strive throughout the game of concentration and full focus in that poker game. And certainly not in the impact of drinks or drugs.

Choosing a Table According to Lucky Numbers

This method is quite influential even though not all of it becomes a big factor because the number of lucks is believed by some people to bring extra luck. But back again it all depends on your luck or luck.

If You Feel Enough to Understand, Try Switching Bigger Shirts

If you want to increase the number of chips you can try playing at a big table after practice at a small table.

Move Tables

Switching tables or rooms can help you because if you don’t get your luck at the first table you play at. You can try to switch to another table or play at a smaller table.

Don’t Be So Greedy

Stop when you have won according to your will. It’s good that before playing you have made the nominal goal of victory that we want to achieve. You have to stop playing when you reach that goal. Admin recommends withdrawing funds and stop playing. Because you feel victory when you play.

Diligently Practicing

This method really helps you to win at playing, if often playing and training will sharpen and sharpen feelings and instincts when playing online. And you also become trained with the game of cassava so that you can know which sidelines can be taken to your advantage to win big. And can read the circumstances of all the opportunities that will occur in the game. /Aha

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