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Get to Know The Rules of Soccer More

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The Rules of Soccer – Have you ever thought of starting yourself in playing soccer? If so, here is a very brief introduction to the game.

Soccer is a game played between two teams of eleven players, each trying to score points by getting the ball into the oppositions’ territory, called the soccer pitch.

It originated in Britain, the game returned to its UK form in the nineteenth century. Since then, soccer has become a popular game worldwide. Soccer is usually played on a rectangular grass field, though some forms of the game are played on a synthetic surface.

At any point in time, only the goalkeeper can touch the ball with the hands, and only if they are within the penalty box. The idea is to get the ball past the opposition’s defence, i.e. to score a goal.

The game is split in half with a rectangular field for each team, though modern game venues are often larger. Soccer matches usually last around 90 minutes, and sudden death EPL and MLS Soccer draws are added for extra time.

The Rules of Soccer: Growing Rapidly

Soccer as it is played today has evolved greatly. The rules were changed after the first season in 1930, and further changed in 1986. The immediate impact was a reduction in violence.

The Rules of Soccer

Soccer fields are now Federation standardized, and the size has been regulated by the IFAB since 1997, though limitations vary for personal use. International terms such as ‘tackling’ and ‘jumping’ are also part of the modern game, though such too are rarely implemented in local league games.

The modern game is played by two teams of eleven players on each team, fully replacing the older three-point system. Points are usually earned by gaining a considerable lead or by ‘extra time’, though modern games are played by computer to set a fixed length of time for matches.

Not all countries make use of such computerized mechanisms. The most common form of penalty shootout is when a team is reduced to ten players before the shootout.

The team to include is judged to have the ‘best’ team, and the team more penalised is usually judged to have an ‘equal’ team. At international level, the decision of the referee on who is at an equal level is adopted, though in some leagues local Adjustments can be made.

Though it is not part of soccer rules, many simulation simulation games have been developed that intend to resemble the real soccer game.

Full Time

An EPL game lasts 39 minutes and is split in half for thirty-nine minutes, with twenty-eight minutes of each half dedicated to ‘extra time’.

Three points are rewarded for a draw, one for a win and nil for a loss. The overtime period consist of two additional halves of thirty-four minutes each.

Half Time

In contrast to the full time period, only goals are rewarded for a draw at half-time, but the circumstances are different.

A team that has ‘put it on the line’ during the first half of a modern game is awarded three points, provided their team scored the equalizer within the last two minutes of the second half.

Further comments on penalty kicks and changes in strategy may be found in the official Laws of the Game. You can find real money playing soccer on judi bola which will give you an extraordinary sensation. / Aha

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