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9 Top Games in Hit It Hard Slot with Best Prizes

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Hit it Hard slot is a special online game from Elk Studios with an exciting ‘top game’. It is different from other slots, then, this game is also known as fun and exciting qq to play. 

Sometimes it may happen that you suddenly come across a very surprising online slot. Many slots simply resemble each other or, for example, are very similar to a Hollywood film.

Or a slot machine has a theme that you really have to like such as Esqueleto Explosivo 2 (recommended by the way). 

In addition, a lock is very popular, but now it gets a bit boring for a while. Like that eternal super hit Starburst. Moreover, you can win a lot of money in Hit it Hard 

Best Review of Hit It Hard

1. How Does The Hit It Hard Work?

It has 3 reels with 3 symbols per reel. There are five paylines. You play from $0.20 per spin. You can play with nice and clear (gambling) symbols: bar, lemon, cherry, melon…

The last reel also features Wilds (jokers), often with multipliers in them. The maximum multiplier is x5. If you don’t win a prize with the Wild on the first spin, you get a free re-spin.

Finally, on the last roll there is a die. This counts as Wild with a multiplier x10. If the die falls on the middle position, the top game, called Roll the Dice, starts!.

2. The Top Game of The Hit It Hard

How does it work? You can ‘throw’ a dice. The number of eyes determines how many steps you take on the goose board. Something will happen on every square of the board, usually a mini-game.

1. Spins

In this game, you get a number of spins, with a multiplier.

2. Lucky Ballz

Hit it Hard briefly turns into a pachinko machine. You get four bullets and a guaranteed prize.

3. Super Ballz

Again you play pachinko, but bullets keep falling until a trap falls into a space that already has a bullet in it.

4. Stacked Wilds

You get a spin with stacked wilds (stacked jokers) on reel 3. You get a spin with stacked wilds on reel 2. In Addition, you get a spin with stacked wilds on reels 2 and 3.

5. 10 wild Spins

You get 10 free spins. Every spin you are guaranteed to get a Wild with multiplier on reel 3.

6. Quantum Leap

You jump a long way over the goose board.

7. Power Run

Roll a number from 1 to 6. You can play all features that you pass.

8. Key

You get a golden key. You need it when you get to the last square of the goose board: the safe.

9. The Golden Vault

If you have saved two keys and land on the safe, you will win 2500 times your stake!

After each square you can roll the dice again, if the mini-game has resulted in a prize. The bonus round ends if you have not won a prize.

3. The 1000 Spins on Hit It Hard

We played 1000 real money spins, in this case with the minimum bet of $0.20 per spin.

Moreover, we have to get there first. The first 300 spins on Hit it Hard almost nothing happens. After that, the counter is already at almost $50 loss.

However, the lock shows what it can do. First a Wild with a multiplier of x5. Two high symbols in the re-spin and boom: a win of $25. Beautiful!

After this, we also regularly get the top game. Sometimes that only yields a few dimes or even nothing, but suddenly: $41.70! Mainly thanks to the pachinko mode.

Not long after, another flaming bonus round, with a win of $35.10. wow! After 1000 spins, we have played the top game 18 times. The final score of this slot review: $11.50 profit.

In conclusion, the Hit it Hard slot from Elk Studios is an original online game with a nice retro look. Although you can win quite nice prizes in the base game, it is of course all about the top game. 

That is super exciting! Hit it Hard, we are reminiscent of old slot machines like Andy Capp and Popeye, which also had a kind of goose board as the top game.

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