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Roulette Prediction Formula

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Do you know how to guess roulette prediction formula? – Gambling lovers must be familiar with the game of roulette. A game of chance that can be played very easily by anyone with a small stake. However, the results obtained were quite large in a short period of time.

So don’t be surprised if roulette gambling is in great demand.

According to U Game Gold, a site that focuses on discussing the topic of gambling, Roulette is one type of online game that gamblers like.

There are two types of versions in roulette gambling, namely the American version and the European version. The difference lies in the numbers on the surface of the wheel. The American version has 38 digits which are 0-36, but 0 is 2. While the European version has 37 numbers which are 0-36.

The roulette number is the number of numbers on the roulette table. The American and European versions of roulette have 36 numbers. The only difference is the number 0 on each gambling table. You still have to choose from the 36 numbers that will emerge as winners.

Indeed, guessing the numbers and colors that come out in roulette gambling is not easy because there are 36 numbers and there are 0. So, you need to learn the formulas and roulette prediction formula numbers that roulette players usually use. This way, you can easily win the game of roulette and make a lot of profit.

Roulette Prediction Formula

Roulette Prediction Formula

1. History of the game of roulette

Playing roulette is very important in seeing the history of the roulette game itself. Of the 36 numbers, not all have the chance to drop, even if only once. However, there are certain numbers that can be output up to four times as much. To find out the roulette numbers, pay attention to the four spins and then bet.

2. Choose a color and select even odd at once

You don’t want to lose a lot playing roulette, of course. So, the next roulette prediction formula is to choose one color and one odd color in a game round. This can reduce the risk of big losses and increase the risk of winning even if the winnings are quite small.

3. Multiply the same bet

When you have decided to place a bet on numbers and colors. But if you still haven’t made a profit, multiply the same bet. Keep doing this until you get a win. The chances of winning in this way are quite large and have been proven by many roulette players.

4. Playing with a betting pattern

Determine roulette numbers by creating betting patterns that will bring you closer to winning. The clearer the pattern you use in roulette gambling, the greater the chance of winning. Even if you bet on roulette, you are using very little capital.

Roulette Number Guess Formula

1. Roulette Martiangle Mathematical Formulas

The Martiangle formula is a roulette prediction formula for guessing the roulette numbers most often used by roulette players. Every player needs a formula for guessing numbers to make winning easier. This formula is very popular among roulette gambling professionals and is very easy to use.

The Martiangle formula teaches you to keep multiplying the bet if you lose, but if you win it must return to the original nominal value. Repeat this process until you feel the maximum win. This formula can be applied to black or red bets, even or odd (19-36) big bets or small (1-18) bets.

2. Fibonacci roulette math formulas

The Fibonacci roulette math formula is the second formula that you can apply when playing roulette. This formula has the lowest probability of risk compared to other formulas, but the potential benefits are quite large. So there is no harm in applying this formula when playing at the best roulette game providers.

Slot Online gambling sites themselves, often provide Roulette games.

Applying this formula as a roulette prediction formula numbers is to add the two previous numbers to get the next number. For example, with a red bet, you lose four times in a row with face values ​​of 100,000, 200,000, 300,000, 400,000. On the next bet you win, the stake will be returned in full.

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If you see it only using formulas and roulette prediction formula numbers to find out the roulette numbers, it looks quite complicated. You will be easier to understand if you learn the theories and put them into practice right away. So it is better to study the theory when you open the game of roulette by chance and play it.

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