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Guns Girls and Gambling (2012), A Tale of Stolen Artifact

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Guns Girls and Gambling (2012) was launched back on January 8, 2012. This film tells the storyline of a 6-foot-tall blonde assassin, corrupt sheriff, frat boy, a mini-elvis and a prostitute. They are in for a quest to find a priceless American Indian artifact stolen during a poker game. At an indian casino obviously.

It is a genre of movie that you wouldn’t generally put together in a comedy genre. The movie feature pretty assassins that are blonde, Elvis impersonators, Native Americans, a little bit of high-risk poker, jokes, and a lot of action in pursuing the stolen artifact.

Everything in this particular case, blends together nicely. We will cover as much info about it in this article here if you read a detailed review of this film.

This film can not possibly compete with all the likes of the Ocean’s franchise, however, if you want to relax and revel in some light entertainment, this film could be the right choice. It won’t make you think about life, risks, or thrills of gambling.

Guns, Girls and Gambling will provide enough laughs and entertainment in order to make your evening enjoyable.

Guns Girls and Gambling (2012) Cast

The very notion of Gary Oldman as an Elvis impersonator feels like it alone should always be worth the cost of admission for “Guns, Girls and Gambling.” Alas, his turn isn’t as wildly committed as one might hope, therefore the movie overall is similarly a promising letdown.

A strangely crime that is anachronistic double-crosses picture — is there something more current to rip off of Tarantino movie? — the film is needlessly flat, never much attaining the kick and surprise it aspires to.

A guy who introduces himself as John Smith (Christian Slater) finds himself somewhat stranded at an casino that is indian where he passes enough time by entering an Elvis impersonation contest.

This sets him on a program that intersects with the robbery of an uncommon native artifact that is american a long-simmering feud between the casino owners and an area power broker (Powers Boothe), along with a mysterious female killer (Helena Mattsson).

Guns Girls and Gambling (2012) Movie Setting

Besides the underworld setting and timeline that is needlessly tricky drawing out the Tarantino connection would be the fact that Slater and Oldman were costars.

When you look at the Tarantino-scripted “True Romance,” with Slater wearing Elvis-style sunglasses. As he did for the reason that earlier film just to make the point extra clear. There’s also even a signature Tarantino from-inside-a-car-trunk shot.

Attempting to pull together some kind of modern-day cowboys-and-Indians theme covered with a crime-genre that is knowing is harder than it might seem, and writer-director Michael Winnick isn’t quite up to the task.

A film first off about other movies, a derivative of derivatives, “Guns, Girls and Gambling” is similar to a hand that is losing cards: it may have been a winner, but just is not.

A Native American artifact was stolen from an Apache casino and now a quirky couple of Elvis impersonators, crooked cops, blonde haired women, guns for hire and much more are on a quest to search for it.

The heist story is good, however it became a negative one if the story is goofy enough.  This falls into the latter. 

There are actually a number of decent actors in this film plus it was cool to see them working together.  Christian Slater totally fits the role given that main character, John Smith, who gets wrapped up in all the silliness this is certainly a film about Elvis impersonators seeking out a Native American mask.

The Twist and Turn in This Gambling Heist Movies

Like in all gambling heist movies, you can find twists and turns they do keep you entertained that I won’t get into here, but.  Every so often it seems like things start searching for for John Smith, after which something happens(usually a hit to the real face). 

Slater’s portrayal while the character that is main extremely fun and kept the film going.  His part made me think about his roles from the late 80s/early 90s where his career was at it’s peak.

The person who shares a complete lot of the time with Slater is “the lady Next Door,” played by Megan Park.  There was excellent chemistry between the two of them on screen making her a surprise of this film. She actually is an assassin that is absolutely gorgeous.

However, the problem is she does not sound confident doing it. She was going for sensual but there’s a something or crack else off in her delivery also it just comes off poorly.

The Elvis impersonators are great with Chris Kattan as “Gay Elvis,” Anthony Brandon Wong as “Asian Elvis,” Tony Cox as “Midget Elvis”- I mean “Little Person Elvis,” and Gary Oldman as “Elvis Elvis.”

Powers Booth is “The Rancher” and it has a really Boss Hog look opting for him.  Dane Cook and Sam Trammell will be the Sheriffs.  The movie even has Jeff Fahey and Matthew Willig as hit-men with cool nicknames.

Guns Girls and Gambling (2012) Review

There are many elements of the movie that may cause you to giggle such as inappropriate jokes. But overall, this gambling film starring Gary Oldman, Christian Stater, and Megan Park is fun to watch.

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You are going to enjoy watching this cult classic if you like a dose of comedy, action, and thriller combined together with a pinch of gambling in the mix. On a scale of 5, we are giving “Guns, Girls and Gambling” 4.1 stars.


Final Verdict

Overall, we believe that Michael Winnick as writer/director put together an okay film.  It was a lot of enjoyment with cheesy on the top action and goofy lines.  It absolutely was much better than we expected.

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