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Lucky You (2007), A Story About Poker and Love

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Poker is a casino game that involves both skill and luck. It is an extremely alluring and entertaining game. And on recent years, many actors have tried their best. To translate the genuine excitement of the game, as a poker player in the big screen. Though it is quite a challenging effort. Lucky You (2007) is one of those attempts that almost succeed.

It is because, it’s very difficult to recreate and express the tension, thrill, nervousness, and adrenaline rush of the competitive environment. All these can only be found in the surrounding a real-life poker table. Not in a film.

Even so, we all like to view famous actors that are good-looking in dapper suits and chic gowns to take a seat at the poker table. But this movie failed to have successfully managed to capture the very essence for the game of skill.

This informative article reviews the 2007 film American drama film, Lucky You starring Drew Barrymore, Eric Bana, and Robert Duvall. It had been directed by Curtis Hanson plus the movie was somewhat inspired by the 1970 film ‘The Only Game in Town’ by George Stevens.

Offline Poker vs Online Poker

In this movie, we could also see some poker that is actual player like Sam Farha, Chau Giang, Barry Greenstein, Ted Forest, and Eric Lindgren among others.

Unfortunately, not all of us have the opportunity to visit Las Vegas to see the crazy gambling scenario.

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Lucky You (2007) Synopsis

Huck Cheever (Eric Bana) is a gambler that is lifelong. He learned during the kitchen table playing against his dad for pennies and nickels. It is his profession along with his obsession. It fills his life, leaving room that is little friends or lovers.

He has got pawned each of his furniture and a lot of of his belongings to stay in the overall game. He wins more regularly than he loses and then he doesn’t know when you should quit.

There is one person Huck can’t beat as soon as the game means something: his father, L.C. (Robert Duvall). Both of these have a relationship that is contentious. L.C. could be the sort of walled-off man that has difficulty expressing affection, and Huck blames him for wrongs – imagined or real – from his childhood.

Huck is attempting to boost the $10,000 buy-in fee for the World number of Professional Poker, a meeting L.C. has won twice. On more than one occasion, Huck has got the money at hand, but he loses it when he goes past an acceptable limit or bets in excess.

The existence is denied by him of luck, and there are occasions as he has little from it. As he meets and falls for a pretty lounge singer, Billie Offer (Drew Barrymore), he endangers the fledgling relationship by stealing funds from her to stake him at a casino game.

He eventually ends up losing the money and Billie’s trust.

Between Cards and Love

Set within Las Vegas, the  city of gambling. The movie revolves around two relationships compared to lovers and father-son. Unlike gambling movies that are most,

Lucky You is quite wholesome so much so it resembles sports movies and ends with all the characters appearing at the World Poker Tournament.

The film introduces us to a Huck Cheever played by Bana, who has got a serious practice of gambling, and regardless of his superior skills, he still ultimately ends up broke.

Huck is be looking for $10,000 to secure a spot during the Tournament. He plans to gather the funds from gambling itself which unfortunately bears him no luck. Furthermore, his dad, LC Cheever (Duvall) is a winner that is two-time of World group of Poker and is a master of old school gambling.

Their relationship is quite estranged and like father, like son, the two as opposed to sorting out their issues resort to keeping at loggerheads.

Next comes Billie (Barrymore) from Hicksville to Vegas to conquer her dreams of becoming a lounge singer. The relationship amongst the characters of Huck and Billie are very unconvincing and fails to develop for the greater.

With diminishing pennies, Huck steals funds from Billie after sleeping with her which causes rifts involving the two. Although. The movie ends on a happy note with the two gettings back together.

Lucky You (2007) Review

It’s understandable that Lucky You (2007) exercises considerable impact on numerous facets of popular culture, gambling being one. The movie has gained quite some popularity both in the offline and online format with thousands of movie-goers fixating on poker.

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Movie Soundtrack


Technically, the film fails its one major challenge: to provide life to so many scenes. The scenes on this movie are absolutely lifeless.


A Thought on Hollywood Style Gambling Movie

From the looks of it, Hollywood has many types of a relationship that is love-the the game since it is somewhat enthusiastic about this format of gambling.

Having said that, movies with this sort in many cases are interlinked with crime, beatings, alcoholics and other such concepts that are negative. Furthermore, the American movies also reflect unrealistic wins that are consistent.

However, Poker has proven itself having a solid spectator that is popular on screen. At the very least in the short run. But as scripted drama, where you can more or less guess the winner of a given hand, it is dull, very very dull.

However, the movie would differ due to its fondness for extreme scenarios where in actuality the main character either has immense quantity of luck or extraordinary poker skills which is nothing like in real life.

Warner Bros. is betting almost on the losing side on this movie release. Sending “Lucky You” on a suicide mission against Spiderman 3.

Drew Barrymore is the film’s only marquee name, but her role is decidedly secondary to that particular of Eric Bana, a decent actor who has yet to show himself a star. This film does not result in the  case for him.

Barrymore is Billie Offer, a singer that is would-be drifts into town and catches Huck’s eye. This woman is the sister of Suzanne (Debra Messing), who apparently is one of Huck’s many exes, though that is not entirely clear.

The script by Eric Roth and Hanson is unclear about most of the relationships and backstories in its apparent eagerness to get to those poker tables for that matter.

The smoothness never appears again, and the scene serves no purpose apart from to view Downey act. At the least he does not play cards.


The film failed to interpret the lives of their characters that are main their manner of play and abilities to bluff and deceive. This implies, needless to say, you need to accept poker playing as a metaphor for life.

The movie soon disappears into a maelstrom of card games. The outcome on most are predictable, but more damaging is how little emotional stake the audience has in every.

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